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The Invasive Photo Contest!


Tomorrow, Invasive comes out.

*opens mouth, river of ants pours out*


*shoves ants back in mouth, clears throat*

What I’m saying is, hey, maybe you want to get a copy. And maybe you want to take a photo of that copy and you want to send it to me at terribleminds at gmail dot com. And then maybe I’ll take those photos and I’ll look for the funniest or weirdest or coolest ones, and I’ll pick one as my favorite. Then I’ll pick a random draw from the rest. THEN I WILL DISTRIBUTE PRIZES, RAINING THEM UPON YOU LIKE A SHOWER OF ANTS.

Hey, ha ha, I totally didn’t say that.

I definitely won’t send you ants.

(I might send you ants.)

This is a contest.

As such, there are rules.

First, you get one entry only.

Second, you need to send that one photo to me at that email listed (terribleminds at gmail).

Third, the photo must contain a physical copy of the book. It can also contain you, if you want to be in the photo. But you don’t need to be in the photo if you don’t want to be.

Fourth, this contest is open only to US residents only. Shipping is tricky internationally.

Fifth, all photos are due by 11:59PM EST on Sunday, the 28th (EDIT: adding an extra week to the contest, as some have asked for time!). I’ll pick winners and announce them here at ye olde blogghaus on Tuesday, the 30th. Note that all photos will be posted to my Flickr account, so, don’t send me anything you don’t want public.

[Edit: Photoshop — note this is a contest, not a Photoshop contest. A little is fine in terms of cleaning up the photo, of course, BECAUSE WHAT AM I, A SAVAGE.]

Finally, the prizes are as follows —

Prize, the First:

I will pick my favorite. You will receive a big box of my books, all of them devalued with an autograph. These books include but are not limited to: the Miriam Black series, my two Star Wars books, the Heartland trilogy, the Atlanta Burns books, and more. You will also receive an ant stuffed animal — Lasius niger, the common garden ant. So cute! So mandibley! Finally, I will send you some form of edible ant snacks. Your choice whether that’s a salty snack, or chocolate, or lollipops. (Or omakase — dealer’s choice!) SEE TOLD YOU I WILL SEND YOU ANTS.

Prize, the Second:

I will pick one random draw to receive a prize pack of stuff from Harper Voyager books.

That’s it. Them’s the rules, that’s the score.

This is your last day to pre-order Invasive, by the by:

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