Macro Monday Is A Fun Guy

Get it? Fun guy? Fun gi? Fungi? Mushroom?



*runs crying into the bathroom*

*slams door*


Short post today. Gotta hit the pavement running and crank out some more of the VENOM AND WHISKEY blend that is Miriam Black, book five. Next week is Invasive and I’ll have a cool TAKE A PHOTO WITH YOU AND INVASIVE AND WIN SOME STUFFS contest coming up next week. (Preorder Invasive now, if you so desire: Indiebound, Amazon, B&N.) Ooh, also, Crimespree Magazine did a review of Invasive here, and said of it:

Invasive is one part locked room mystery, one part 1950’s monster movie, and one part cutting-edge scientific thriller… The story twists and turns like the hiking trails that circle the island. Hannah Stander is the world’s only hope for survival against an unspeakable horror…”

Pop Culture Beast said of the book:

“Wendig has outdone himself with Invasive. It’s a creepy crawly masterpiece of suspense and genetic horror.”

Also, if you’re not watching Stranger Things, go watch Stranger Things. It’s far from a perfect show — it occasionally dips into PLOT OVER CHARACTER territory and sometimes fails a few of its women characters — but it is the closest thing to a Stephen King novel translated to television. We haven’t seen the final episode yet, but ye gods, is it a spooky delight.


  • I did a Stranger Things marathon just last week and watched the entire 1st season. Excellent show and I agree with your assessment. Congratulations on the review!!

  • August 8, 2016 at 11:55 AM // Reply

    This picture looks like a crowd of people in dark robes worshiping some crazy ball of light, or a sunrise. Very cool. I could write a story just about that.

    Also, Stranger Things made me all nostalgic for my childhood and childhood movies. It’s like Goonies meets ET meets IT. So fun.

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