Flash Fiction Challenge: The Vacation


Sorry — I was away for the last couple weeks.

Which is how I’m leading into today’s flash fiction challenge! Drum roll please: I’d like you to write a story about a vacation. This can be in any genre. Horror, sci-fi, fantasy, romance, whatever. Whatever it is, it must be set in and around a vacation (though your interpretation of that is as flexible as your creativity).

Length: 1500 words

Due by: Friday, August 5th, noon EST.

Post at your online space.

Drop a link to it in the comments below.


41 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: The Vacation”

  1. The challenge is about a vacation. So I was in my early thirties, a long time ago on a beach far far away, when I could still wear a bikini, and it was so early in the morning that I was all alone with the sea, watching my feet and picking up small seashells, happy as a clam, assuming clams are totally content. I never heard the guy sneaking up behind me, the surf masher chicken shit that he was. Bending down to pick up another favorite cat’s paw shell there was a sudden thrusting force felt in my panty area nearly knocking me forward. My immediate thought was: is that (friend’s name)? I turned. Did I scream? No. Did I wonder who the heck was messing with me? Yes, and there was an athletic swarthy young man running away, leapt up on a cement block wall, then jerked down his swim trunks to wave his genitalia before disappearing off the wall. Hey, I shouted. But he was gone. Was I scared? No. Shouldn’t I have been? I don’t know, but probably should have been. Was I hurt? No that I knew of. Was I violated? Apparently I have been so used to violation that this one came as no real surprise. I was just calm. Did I continue to beach comb? Yes. Did I ever go back to Mazatlan? No.

    • Ugh! good job there. I could feel the claustrophobia…and I might never look at a pretty ocean the same way again!

    • Hey Helen, great job, strong finish. Its crazy, this was a multi-part story that I actually took part in when you first wrote it. And your intro had this subtle creepy vibe that I KNEW was going to be a horror/thriller. I’m glad thats where you were headed! So yeah, well done on finishing. Deadlines are not important lol.

      • It’s a good thing deadlines weren’t important for this one, otherwise, I would have been screwed, lol. It’s so cool that you read the first part last year when I wrote it. To be honest, I had no idea, at the time, where it was going or what would happen. Thanks so much for the support. I’m happy you liked it! πŸ™‚

  2. Just got it in time. This one was also the completion of an old hangnail flash fiction. Glad to be done with it. The original was a random title selector. I got ‘Son of Wave’ and I loved it, but could never finish it. Well, here it is…plus a little vacation.


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