Flash Fiction Challenge: Five Random Story Seeds

Today, a bit of pick-your-own.

(Or, if you prefer to randomize, go for it.)

You have, mmm, let’s say 1500 words for this one. Any genre will do.

Due next Friday, July 1st, noon EST.

Your five story seeds:

1.) A child is born under mysterious circumstances.

2.) A dead body goes missing.

3.) A mysterious journal is found.

4.) An accident occurs that may be no accident.

5.) An impossible animal appears.

60 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Five Random Story Seeds”

  1. I ended up doing story seed 3 because I wanted to do a story about a journal. It sounded like fun, so why not? https://vookthevook.wordpress.com/2016/06/29/flash-fiction-challenge-the-power-of-words/

    I’m going to go ahead though and apologize. I ended up being over the word count at 2086 words. I didn’t mean to, but the words just kept coming and I didn’t know how to stop. I hope you all enjoy, though I’ll admit it isn’t my favorite piece I’ve written.

  2. No 4 from me. Busy week for me so hope to catch up on reading these at the weekend. http:/shyandretiring.weebly.com/accidents-will-happen.html

  3. I incorporated all 5 seeds in my short story. This was a lot of fun. Looking forward to the next one! Glad I stumbled onto this today.


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