Macro Monday Wears Its Spots And Dots Proudly


I’m warning you, too, I have some new spider macros.

And I’m gonna post them.

Not this week. But next week, mos def.

I KNOW. I know! I said I wouldn’t. But they’re so cool. And spiders, c’mon — spiders are helpful little beasts. All those times you went to the doctor and you’re like LOOK AT THIS SPIDER BITE, and the doctor reminds you that 90% of spider bites aren’t actually spider bites? Spiders are great. They eat bad bugs. They’re like possums in that way — we hate on possums (sorry, “opossum”) but they eat thousands of ticks a week. And ticks are little monsters.

Anyway! Cool spider photos incoming next week. I will give you enough white space at the fore of the post so you never have to scroll down and see them ever, ever, ever.

What else is going on?

In a couple weeks I’ll be at the Orlando Book Festival, giving a keynote, signing some books.

On 6/22, I’ll be at Doylestown Bookshop, hanging out with Paul Tremblay and talking about his (really fucking amazing) newest, Disappearance at Devil’s Rock.

I may be at Let’s Play Books in July, too, to talk Star Wars.

I’ll be at SDCC in July.

Then in August, I’ll be back at the Doylestown Bookshop for the launch of Invasive!

You can preorder the book, signed, from Doylestown Bookshop here. (And if you don’t know, pre-ordering helps the author and the publishing ecosystem in a whole host of ways. It conveys to the seller and publisher that the author is in demand. It helps the seller stock the book. It helps the author FEEL GOOD ABOUT HIMSELF AND NOT WEEP OPENLY INTO HIS FROSTED FLAKES and stuff like that.)

I think that’s all, folks.