Flash Fiction Challenge: It Starts With A Bang

It starts with a bang.

That’s all the inspiration you need.

I want you to write a short story with that in mind — the tale must begin with a bang. You can, erm, interpret that how you choose, but it definitely means we begin in the middle of the action.

That’s it. That’s all you gotta do.

Length: ~1000 words.

Due by: June 3rd, Friday, noon EST

Post on your online space.

Link back here through the comments.

Go forth and go bang. Er. You know what I mean.

50 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: It Starts With A Bang”

  1. This is mine, The El Dorado of Pot


    I have to give props to my husband for suggesting this use of bang and to my brother-in-law for keeping a dead journal in the early aughts. The events in this story are not remotely inspired by anything I read in his journals while I was stuck in my college dorm room, missing my high school friends and wishing I was back home to keep them out of prison.

  2. It is so strange that I thought the deadline was tomorrow for some reason, because, of course, I thought the 4th was Friday. DUH! Oh well, I wrote in over the weekend, but now, I guess I will have to just see if ANY one will look at my tumblr for it….

    The joys of working, raising a kid, communting three hours a day, and watching silly television when I should be writing….

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