Macro Monday Is Late But Has A Doctor’s Note So It’s Cool

I’m slowly, slooooowly crawling out of the spongy lung-slurry and finding my way to the light. I’m back at the desk today doing some work (yesterday I worked from bed on the iPad — WORD on the iPad is surprisingly robust, by the way), and I thought, well, hell, I’ll go say hi at the blog with a macro photo.

That there is a simple enough object: a stack of LEGO squares. Looks like LEGO DNA.

What’s the health scoop? Well. I’m here dealing with not just pre-pneumonia, as was reported last week, but rather: both flu and pneumonia at one time, which is to say, FLUMONIA. (My new authorial pseudonym will be Flumonia Lungbees. I will use this new name to check into hotels and it will also be my Tinder handle. Don’t tell my wife.) I was coughing up blood, but my lung X-Rays say that’s fine, believe it or not. And the antibiotics have run me ragged. But I’ve got deadlines that will eat me if I do not appease them, so here I be.

Sad to see the nightmare unfolding in Brussels. I’d love it if we could all keep a cool head about it and wait for details to come in and not resort to vilifying Muslims or refugees and I sure hope that we don’t let Trump say anything, anything at all, oh, too late, never mind. We should really all come together as a country and disavow him. I’d say that white people should also disavow him, but he’s clearly one of Boehner’s own Orange People. Probably not even human.


Be well, Belgium. And Europe. And refugees. And everybody.

P.S. tomorrow Hyperion comes out so I might pop by to remind you.

P.P.S. *coughs on you*



  • Joining you in your hope that there’s no knee-jerk (emphasis on jerk) reaction to Brussels…and in your well wishes for them. We in Canada would like to see you disavow Trump, too. Seriously. Now. Cruz, too, while you’re at it, because scary. Feel better soon!

  • I had no idea that Lego came in that colour. It looks like an awesome kyber crystal formation. Maybe you should try building a lightsaber around that stack. I could totally see it happening.

  • March 22, 2016 at 9:48 AM // Reply

    Hope you feel better soon. My first impression of the photo was that it looked like some kind of crystal gear shaft, removed from the crystal engine powering the crystal shuttlecraft that descended from the crystal ship that you piloted from the crystal sphere to visit us upon the material plane. Or maybe that’s the meth talking.

  • March 22, 2016 at 9:49 AM // Reply

    2*Coughing up blood and 2*’xrays say its ok’ does not ⇒ 4*I’m just peachy. They are not compatible in this universe. Get well

  • There is no reason “health” begins with “hell,” but it sounds like you’ve been to Hell and back. Keep improving and do not allow the lungbees to produce any more honey.

  • March 22, 2016 at 11:14 AM // Reply

    As always, Chuck (aka Flumonia Lungbees,) you are the voice of reason in a knee-jerk universe. My heartfelt condolences and prayers go out to the people of Belgium.

    And I’m sorry to hear you’re still dealing with these health issues–coughing up blood is okay? Seriously? Wow. You don’t do anything by halves, that’s for sure! Sending well wishes and healing energies your way. Hope you kick this thing soon.

  • I had Flumonia last September and it was tres miserable; I feel your pain and I realllllly hope you start feeling better sooner than later. Sending the good thoughts your way, Sir Lungbees.

  • Take it easy and get well soon, Chuck! Winter’s just around the corner here in New Zealand. Do try not to send your bugs on holiday this way. *orders wholesale garlic tabs in preparation*

  • Hi Chuck, I hate to hear you got this nasty crap. I hope you’re taking Probiotics since you’ve been on antibiotics. It helps. Sending healing thoughts your way.

  • That picture makes me think of a crystalized tower or something. It’s really, really cool. I wish I had a good camera and interesting things to take pictures of, but nice things cost money, so… boo on me, I guess.

    STOP BEING SICK. IT’S BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH. I DEMAND THAT YOU GET BETTER!! But seriously, flumonia? Ouch. I’ve been fortunate enough thus far to not get pneumonia, but combined with the flu… the thought makes me shiver. How are you doing ANYTHING right now? Best of luck!

  • Same thing happened to me before Christmas, although I wasn’t cool enough to label it flumonia. Always sobering to realize that none of us are impervious to disease or terrorism. Sending you my best.

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