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Hyperion, #1 — Or, How I Got Lucky Enough To Write Comics

I wrote a comic.

I mean, it’s not my first comic, really, but it is the first one where I don’t have the authorial support of fellow penmonkey Adam Christopher — who, quite honestly, is a whole lot better at this thing than I am. Hyperion #1 is my first foray into writing a comic all by my lonesome.

So, obviously, my great hope is that you go out and pick it up.

And then pay money for it.

And then rub it all over your body and take pictures.

I mean, “read it.”

Comics are a different animal for me — they’re some strange combination of television show and the novel. They possess the visual, episodic component of television. But they also possess an internal dimension and a POV like novels. It’s that, but it’s also not that, because snapshotting the perfect images to accompany the story is a special gift all its own, as is making sure those images are perfectly well-compressed in 20-ish pages with a proper hook out of the issue. It’s tricky business. I have no idea what I’m doing.

But, I’m figuring it out. Slowly! The good news is, the team behind the book is so great, they are very clearly propping me up and making me look not terrible. Nik Virella’s art floors me every time I get it in my inbox, and then you add colors by Romulo Fajardo, Jr. and it’s like, holy shithell. And Emanuela Lupacchino’s cover? Plus all the great editorial support from Katie Kubert, Alanna Smith, and Christina Harrington? I’m a lucky ducky.

Thanks too to folks like Jim Zub and Gail Simone and Ron Marz and people whose online presence is often chockablock with great comics-writing chatter and advice.

Go forth and procure cool comics.

You can nab Hyperion at your local comic book store, or at Comixology.

Other cool comics out today: Hellcat, Mirror, Cry Havoc. What else? What comics are you reading and digging these days, folks? Drop in the comments and gimme 20.