Flash Fiction Challenge: Choose Your Title And Write

I went to a website and asked it to generate five random book titles for me, and it did. And then I had it generate five more for giggles. (I didn’t just as this of some random website, by the way — I didn’t like, go to CNN or Amazon and yell at it to give me titles. I used this website right here.)

That gives us ten random titles.

You will choose one of these titles and write a story using it as the title.

You have, mmm, let’s say 2000 words this go-around.

Write it. Post it at your online space. Drop a link here so we can all see it.

Due by next Friday, Jan 22nd, noon EST.

Your ten titles are:

The River’s Mask

The BookFeet

Future Graveyard

Across the Parlour and the Exile

Out of the Carnival and the Soul

The Crow of Nine-World

To Dance Beyond The Hand

The Living House’s Rabbit

Muddy Stars

The Goblet of Lost Chicago

Now go write!

130 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Choose Your Title And Write”

  1. What’s the prize, what’s the prize, WHAT’S THE PRIZE??? Don’t tell me that the work is it’s own reward or some drivel like that. Did some one just say an autographed nude picture of Chuck!?!? Oh, I’m in.

  2. So far I’ve really enjoyed reading the work of this group of writers, I hope I have time to read them all. Chuck should think himself lucky that he’s got such an awesome, hot bunch of writers following his blog. You guy’s are like the writing equivalent of really hot go go dancers who can like do the splits, and stuff.

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