RIP, 2015. Hello, 2016.


*starts flipping light switches*


*swats away cobwebs*

*shoos away the family of trolls that took up residence in the basement*


*eats old Cheeto found on floor*

*is not a Cheeto*

*is mummified centipede*


Well, hey, everybody.

I think I forgot that I had this thing. But then the blog came to me in a dream, its diaphanous white robe flowing behind it as it reached for me with outstretched arms…

Anyway. I’m back. Maybe not on a full blogging schedule, but a return to form just the same. It was hard — I got slammed after Thanksgiving by the Perfect Shitstorm: pneumonia, deadlines, and holidays. It’s like three tornados converging upon your location at one time, and one of the tornados (the pneumonia) pins you to the ground while the other two get in their licks. Pneumonia, for the record, is a… a super piece of crap. It knocked me flat for one week where I wrote nothing, then a second week where I wrote some stuff, and a third week where I was getting back to normal, and it really took me until Christmas week to find a morning where my wake-up ritual was not “stumble into shower and purge self of bodily humors with flesh-wracking coughs.” Pneumonia is a real asshole, is what I’m saying.

So, that perfect storm actually left me feeling a little crummy about 2015.

And that impulse is very, very wrong.

Because 2015 was fucking rad.

Let’s see.

We got a new Star Wars movie. A really good one.

And I got to jump a claim for a little postage-stamp size of canon connected to the Star Wars universe, writing Aftermath. Then Aftermath officially became a trilogy.

I released Zer0es, and it seems like it did pretty well? (Ooh, it’s still $1.99 for today.)

I finished the follow-up to Zer0es (which is not a sequel, though it does take place in the same universe after the events of Zer0es have happened — let’s call it “sequel-adjacent”). That book is called Invasive (it was Myrmidon, and though I’m sad to lose the original title, I quite like the new one). There’s a cover floating around out there but I’m not sure it’s the official one, so look for something officially official after the new year.

My agent re-sold the Miriam Black books to SAGA Press (S&S), and Blackbirds and Mockingbird have returned to store shelves, with Cormorant on the way in February. This year I also wrote the fourth installment of that series, Thunderbird, which woefully will not be out until 2017 (but then the next three books will be out one right after the other across that year). But, for an extra bonus, the Miriam Black novella Interlude: Swallow shows up in the Three Slices collection, buddying up with work from awesome pals Delilah Dawson and Kevin Hearne.

I re-released my “Nancy-Drew-on-Adderall” YA detective, Atlanta Burns. And I wrote the sequel (The Hunt), which comes out in February.

The final installment of my Heartland trilogy came out — The Harvest — in July. Thus marking the first time I’ve gotten to properly complete a series. (It’s Star Wars meets John Steinbeck, for those interested.) I’m proud of that one, and hope people continue to find the series.

Was able to nab the rights back to my Mookie Pearl books, and re-release both The Blue Blazes and The Hellsblood Bride all by my lonesome.

I got to write for two comics — The Shield with my cohort Adam Christopher, and Hyperion for Marvel, which comes out in February.

(I have a lot of stuff happening in February, apparently.)

This year I think I wrote — lemme do some quick math — five novels, around 500,000 words.

Then, blogging, which this year equaled out to about 200,000 words.

Plus four issues of comics.

Plus a film script this year.


It’s been a busy year.

Maybe kinda sorta too busy a year.

Not sure 2016 promises much different.

I’ve got two more Miriam Black books to write. (*vibrates with sinister glee*)

I’ve got more comics to write.

Got a new secret writing book shhh to write.

Not to mention one more SPACE WARTS book.

Overall, 2015 was pretty rad. The pneumonia sucked, sure. But I started working in the FULLY ARMED AND OPERATIONAL BATTLESHED this year. Okay, I wasn’t a huge fan of the weird hate parade that ran right up through the center of Aftermath’s release — I still remember being at the midnight release party for the book in Atlanta, and then getting back to the hotel at 1:30AM and looking at the reviews and already seeing a bunch of one-star reviews stacking up. And that continued all through the weekend while I was at DragonCon. It bewildered and rocked me a little, I won’t lie — though, then, ha ha, the book landed on the New York Times list. And those who wanted that to be a fluke, well, it kept landing, and on the USA Today list, too (which it just hit again this past week). Plus it got written-in for the Goodreads Choice awards and hung in there till the last round so ha ha ha *wipes tears away with the contracts for the next two books* I guess thanks for boosting the book, haters. Your festival of crap gives me a reason to keep talking about the book long after I would’ve stopped. Plus, thanks for helping keep the Amazon ranking higher! So, keep the reviews coming if you really want. Keep feeding me, I’ll keep promoting the book.

2015 also saw me travel a whole lot. Various comic-cons and writing things. Lots of bookstores visited and great fans met. Nice too when I get to hang with fellow writer buddies. The family continues being awesome, as well — little B-Dub is smart and sweet and only occasionally like a coked-up orangutan someone let loose in a church.

Let’s hope that 2016 is of equal or surmounting radness, yeah? Keep an eye on releases like Life Debt, Invasive, The Hunt, The Shield, Hyperion, and maybe a couple other surprises. I’ll also be traveling around and will update my schedule as the new year commences.

Be well, all of you.

Your turn, now.

How was your 2015?

What’s on the table for 2016?

Oh, And — Terribleminds In 2015?

Rough blogging stats: 3.3 million visitors, and 8700+ subscribers.

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29 responses to “RIP, 2015. Hello, 2016.”

  1. That’s as much as most of us would hope to accomplish in a lifetime! You are my hero and demi-god for all that is good about being a writer. I salute the “Wendig way” of taking those negative reviews and tossing them on their pointy heads. Others would have ended up in the psyche ward.
    I’m so glad to hear you’ve kicked pneumonia’s ass and are once again taking names.
    Looking forward to more of the force that is Wendig in 2016.
    Happy New Year, Chuck!

  2. 2015 has been a rocky year for me. But I published my first couple short stories, wrote a bunch of stuff and made a lot of big decisions, so I’m calling it a character development year and not a loss at all.

    I’ve got a bunch of writing projects on the table for 2016. I’m still straightening out the details, but I know for certain that I’ll be finishing the draft of my current WIP, rewriting a MG manuscript and trying to polish it/run it past beta readers until it’s ready to face the cold world, and writing some more short stories. (I feel like I’m starting to figure them out. A little.)

  3. 2015 is the year I discovered your books. I read the Miriam Black books, Under the Empyrean Sky and Aftermath, and loved every page of them. (I am now reading Blightborn.)
    So, thank you: your stories and your characters have been one of the best and funniest things of a very hard year.
    Happy New Year! May 2016 bring you new words, new stories, new opportunities and lots of happiness.

  4. 2015 has been pretty good to me. I’ve been employed for the whole year. Beat my reading goal by 50% Completed a second draft/rewrite on my novel and lost a bunch of weight. Onward to 2016!

  5. I’ve got one sci-fi thriller about a futuristic GMO strain edited, need to add a bit then send out to some readers before another edit. Book two (an urban fantasy on angels) is mostly written and on track for editing soon. Book three (a post pandemic magical realism) is 3/4 written. My goal is to self publish one and keep submitting another for traditional publishing. Not quite sure on the route for the third. I’m still working full time an hour from home and taking care of my munchkin and hubby, but hoping this writing career keeps developing. *raises a glass* Here’s to a fine new year in writing for one and all.

  6. It’s the year I’ve seen people at work and other friends I didn’t know even liked sci-fi and other things posting stuff about what you’ve had published this year. It’s cool seeing hard work pay off; I hope 2016 is the year the wind whispers “Wendig” in the ears of sleeping newborns, or at least keeps the momentum going so you secure your place as a household name. (I know of a few software developers at work who stumbled upon your writing totally on their own this year and wondered what else you’ve written.)

  7. “Zeroes” kept me from getting my beauty sleep several nights until I finished it – thanks, Chuck. For those who haven’t read it, what are you waiting for? It will totally (yes, I used an adverb but it’s a popular adverb) reinforce your conspiracy theories.
    Glad the lung-wrenching plague cleared up.
    I’ve a few new-agey, old hippie chick resolutions lined up for 2016 – they keep me young in spirit while satisfying my creative muse.
    Peace to you and yours, and don’t forget to write!
    Jeannie Leighton

  8. I’m just glad to see you back in action. I’ve been coming here for days, looking for the next “flash fiction challenge” or whatever. No other blog I go to can use “trouser crickets” and “angry possums” and “mummified centipede” to such great effect.

  9. Daaaammmnnnn. I doff my cap to you, sir. I’m not sure what my word-count for the year was, but I know it wasn’t five books’ worth.
    But I had a good year too. I released a new dark fantasy book, which was a slow starter but is finally gathering steam and scoring some reviews. I did a few local cons and book signings, which didn’t actually pay for themselves in physical sales but all the free swag must have done something because ebook sales have been up for about three months straight now. And I finally finished my first science fiction novel, which my usual publisher rejected but whatever. I think it’s because the aliens hold a dim view of organized religion. They didn’t like the fantasy novel where I turned Jesus Christ into one of the Fae, either.
    Happy New Year’s everyone. May your glasses be full and your royalties be plentiful in the coming year.

  10. Like you, Chuck, at first I was pretty annoyed with 2015 because I felt like I hadn’t really accomplished all that I’d set out to do. But looking back through my agenda, my blog, my notebooks and everything else, I realized I’ve still done quite a lot! Maybe it wasn’t necessarily what I set out to do, but I did have some pretty cool successes along the way. I wrote up a Year in Review post on my blog about it all, so I’ll let the bragging stay over there:

    Congrats on all of your wins in 2015, and may your 2016 kick loads of ass!

  11. You have truly had an awesome year, Chuck – well, bar the pneumonia bit, obviously. I feel for you there; I was in hospital for a week with cellulitis and blood poisoning back in September, and that sucked as well (unexpected bonus ball though: the combo of morphine and antibiotics they drip-fed into me produced some CRAZY-ASS dreams that are TOTALLY going into a book someday…)

    You’ve released a metric tonne of books into the world to roam wild and free, you’ve given us some fabulous blog posts and YOU HAVE A BATTLESHED. Darth Vader didn’t even have a battleshed – you have out-Darthed the ultimate Darth. I too dream of possessing a battleshed someday. I also dream of you coming over to visit little ol’ UK-Land. Any chance of that for 2016? **does hopeful, spaniel-eyes face**

    May you have an awesome 2016 and beyond too!

  12. The amount of productivity was just… *mind boggles* well done! I found your blog this year. I love the content so much I bought The Kickass Writer (I keep not finishing my stuff. I guess that’s a ‘resolution’ for this year. Finish stuff.) I started a business, in poetry. I’m slowly building it. It’s fun. I make people cry, which… is good, I suppose. Strong emotional responses floor me but make me buoyantly happy all the same. I think your stuff is awesome and I feel invested and want to read your novels! For 2016, I want to up my game, finish this novel thing I’ve barely started (though I have 30,000 words on the back burner of something else…. so maybe finish both? If you can write 5 novels in a year, plus comics and a script, surely I can write 2 novels…..) I feel like I’m finally getting on my feet at 22. I also feel I haven’t lived enough to write the stories in my head. What say you to that? Have a rad, mad 2016. *toasts*

  13. Yay for awesome 2015s!

    I had a very nice 2015 myself. I *finally* sold my first novel (WHEE!), signed with an agent (WHEE!), and got a super amazing and fun day job as an elementary school music teacher–at my kids’ school.

    Here’s hoping 2016 can measure up to all of that! 😉

  14. Far out brussel sprout, that’s some output in 2015. No wonder you got sick, dude. I sympathise with your phlegmnami.
    2015 was magnificent for me. I actually finished the damned book. 2016 – rinse & repeat.

  15. Nomination for Best ‘Guest Post of 2015’ on Chuck’s site goes to Kameron Hurley’s “Absolute Zero — The Temperature At Which Writers Give Up” back in October. That one really set the cat amongst the pigeons.

  16. I’m glad you had a fabulous year Chuck, congratulations you deserve it. Lucas and I both started new jobs, celebrated our first anniversary in our first house and our family grew by two fur babies Molly and Misha. We’re hoping 2016 beings more family growth as we are trying to get pregnant. 🙂 2015 was mostly awesome topped with fabulous, looking forward to the new year. Excited to see all the new things you have coming out!

  17. Welcome back and happy New Year!!
    We missed you! I notice that I laugh a little less when your posts aren’t showing up in my inbox. You often help me start my day with an intelligent inappropriate giggle, giving me a funny start to my day that I easily then add my own humor too. I guess that’s something that happened in 2015, I learned that intelligent inappropriate giggles are a great way to start my own silly/cheesy humor!

    Your 2015 was too busy for me!
    But I really liked mine.

    I had a book published, started working on my first novel, tweaked the screenplay I wrote years ago and have had it read and enjoyed (though not yet optioned or purchased) by quite a few producers, done author interviews in podcasts and for online publications, let my book go the The Frankfurt Book Fair all by itself, watched my two oldest sons get their own place to live and start their dream jobs, helped my son with the book he’s writing, started dancing my butt off in the dance room my husband built for me, worked as a production assistant for a really big still photo campaign in Cali and learned that I’m not as good at it as I thought I’d be (weirdly, I’m better as talent which I’ve never really wanted to be), renewed my permanent resident status, and became a volunteer editor for

    In other words, my 2015 rocked and rolled and wrote all about it!!

    I’m so glad you’re feeling better Chuck.
    I’m looking forward to another year of starting my days with intelligent inappropriate giggles!

    • Oh, ya! And in 2015 Margaret Atwood retweeted my tweet and mentioned me in a conversation!!! I can’t believe I forgot to mention that!! We’re, like, friends now. Having conversations. I’m hoping it’s not too soon to stop by for coffee unannounced. tee hee!

  18. How many words did you say you wrote last year? I wouldn’t have any fingers left if I wrote that many. BUT congratulations for all your wonderful work, outcomes, and more because you’re healthy again.
    Happy New year to you, your family, and everyone who reads the comments.

  19. You are a goddamned rock star and amazing and an inspiration.

    2015 was the year that everything changed.

    After talking about writing for years, I got off my ass and WROTE. To the tune of – my god, I just tallied it up – 230,000 words in a trilogy, the beginnings of a prequel novel, and a loose cluster of same-universe short stories. First book very nearly ready to shop out, second book has spectacularly wretched first draft in the bag and needs HUGE revisions, third book is about half-written.

    I reworked my blog, and started writing there again seriously for the first time in several years.

    My last almost-stepkid moved out, and my fiance and I were empty-nesters for the first time, which was weird and wonderful.

    I started grad school.

    I discovered this blog, which I’ve come to treasure so much*, and several others (including a couple that I found because of posts here, like Kameron Hurley’s).

    And then, just before Thanksgiving, my fiance was slammed with a wildfire infection and died after six days in ICU, and I jumped off the cliff. Quit my job, left the house we shared for 11 years, moved 200 miles into a friend’s basement, in a mad thriving bonkers city that I adore, for a completely fresh start.

    2016: Get a job. Get my own place. Stay in school. Take this massive, messy, wonderful pile of WTF that is last year’s writing output, try to whip it into something possibly sellable, and add to it. Try to make sense of being single when I thought I was going to be planning a wedding. Make some new friends, treasure the old ones.

    (*Seriously, one of the last really wonderful memories I have of him was reading this post aloud to him over coffee in bed on a luxurious Tuesday morning when neither of us had to be at work until ten, laughing so hard we could barely breathe, and agreeing that we were SO GLAD those days were behind us. I have that FOREVER. Thank you.)

  20. I’m always amazed at how much work you get through, i was breathless just reading all you have done and what you have to do.

    My plan is the same as last year LOL, finish my current project (which is book 2 of my Trilogy)

    Happy New Year Chuck

  21. 2015 got away from me. I didn’t write much, but I rediscovered an old story that I still love. 2016 will see the finishing of the first draft of that one plus major revisions. I hope to work more on my epic series and the supernatural/faith YA novel I began in late 2014. I’ve also become my sister’s editor, which will be fun.

    I’m looking forward to a productive writing year. I might even remember to blog this year!

    Glad your 2015 was awesome. Sorry about the pneumonia.

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