Flash Fiction Challenge: A Scary Story In Three Sentences

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This challenge is simply, and goes till the end of tomorrow –11:59PM, 10/31.

I want you to tell a scary story in three sentences.

That’s it.

Keep it short — and keep it to three sentences.

You can write it right in the comments below.


*demonic laugh*

*barfs up tarantulas*

257 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: A Scary Story In Three Sentences”

    • From the moment I read this a moment ago I knew the moment would come when someone would invoke the powers of ryhme. A most worthy offering from the house of “Toil and trouble, froth and bubble”.

  1. It’s Halloween and the techno-beat shocks him with electric excitement. Tonight, the club above him would fill to capacity with revelers in all their garishly-garbed glory. For him, costumes were but unnecessary garnish on his dance floor buffet.

  2. She didn’t worry when, in the morning, every radio station played “Don’t Fear the Reaper.” She was mildly disturbed when, in the afternoon, her drive home from work was stopped three times by funeral processions. That evening, the ravens that flocked her car caused her heart attack.

  3. The force of the car coming to a sudden stop against one of the mountainside trees was enough to shove his shin bone out through his leg and into the car door panel, and shove his regret at checking the “failed to send the only text you typed with any hint of your location, you dipshit” notification straight through his heart. In a heartbeat his world went from a flurry of chaos to the isolating silence of the forest, punctuated only by the tick of the cooling engine, his own pained sobbing, and, after a few minutes, the click of the trunk being sprung from the inside. As he listened to the dead girl’s footsteps in the leaves, he struggled against his metal and bone tether until she stood outside his broken car window with a raised tire iron, the remaining half of her face flapping grotesquely as she whispered, “This is for the rest of them,” and started her first downward swing.

  4. She takes a deep breath, focusing on not making a sound as she sits in a steel cylinder located in a far dark corner of an abandoned construction site, hearing only the patter of rain.

    She takes another breath, glad to still be alive, knowing that her legs can no longer take the punishment of pushing off muddy ground, her pursuer keeping pace with her every step.

    She takes a third breath.

  5. She hated passing old people for she could hear them when nobody else could. Teeth gnashing, the demons of dementia worked on everybody of all ages fading memories and narrowing the senses, but they got careless and more voracious, louder with age. Ignorance was bliss, but also the luxury of everybody else.

  6. Dad raised us that way- and everybody on the block always wants to be at our parties, so what does that tell you? They always make a big production of it, crying and screaming, but they all know what they came for. We’re just charging them the price of admission.

  7. “I know he’s you, but if you let him live then every version of you will be trapped in eternal torment if you don’t pull that trigger” he yelled.
    “I don’t care if I die a thousand times, a million times, as long as she’s okay!” I yelled back.
    With a tired sigh, he lifted the quantum disperal ray and said, “Why does every single freaking version of you say the same goddamn thing?”

    • Where do I get one of those quantum disperal ray thingies? Would I be right in guessing it’s more a speciality electronics gadgets store scenario than a Walmart type deal?

      • actually they are quite common. i picked up one at my local store and it can with a free time displacement field.

        also good story. i can see a proper full length out of this.

        • A free time displacement field is all well and good but (A) Does it come with a money back guarantee? (B) If I accidently drop it in the toilet will it still work? and (C) Is it likely to be superseeded in four months time by a newer model? Sorry for the questions but like any gadget buyer I’ve been stung before with grandiose claims that simply didn’t deliver with the result that I now no longer jump at the newest toy on the market.

          • Well it is free. So no guarantee. But it does work in a toilet. Unfortunately since it froze time in a relative field it has blocked a toilet for fifty years.

            I imagine there will be a newer model but the factory has been quantum locked. And therefore doesn’t exist while we think about it.

            Money back grantee is good though

          • Thankyou Addy for adding this most helpful consumer report however I forgot to enquire regarding one more chestnut – are replacement parts easily obtainable? Nothing worse than having to wait eight months for a substitute spring mechanism, plasma valve, transmutation sprocket or some such other part to be sent from Denmark (or wherever) when the old one has given up the ghost a week short of the presumed warranty period.

          • hmm that is a tricky one. Especially considering how expencive a plasma valve can be. i do hear that the next model is backwards compatable but in the mean time you will need to order it, only to realise that it’s already arrived.

            Still quite a price for a replacement, need to take into account future inflations and the like, and solar flares mess with their wepsite. Just dont try phoning them. the hold time is a nightmare.

          • Addy, I am indebted to you. I feel now I have the confidence to make an informed decision regarding this possible future – and I do mean ‘future’ – purchase. The power as always, with no small help from you, lies in the hands of the consumer.

  8. In all her years of planning for this day..now was the time. The scent of skin, taste of fear, and warmth of blood. And with that first taste at life, the dark, and time……I taste cheetos???

  9. With a deafening unholy roar, a well of fire erupted from the zirconium casket. Up into the sky a column of black smoke ascended, twisting and swirling like a dark tornado. “He’s gone, I’m afraid,” Dr Austin said, barely disguising his tone of disappointment – his sanity now positioned squarely on the chopping block for all to see.

  10. The sounds of the ocean, waves breaking on the shore, woke her from a deep, deep, slumber. Her salt encrusted eyes were slow to open, the sting of cracked lips a grim reminder. The ocean was desert; and ashes fell like snow.

  11. I heard the scratching in the middle of the night.
    Lover, lover, naughty lover, left down there to rot.
    And rot she did, so why was she scratching?

  12. He said he’d love her forever. Each night, his remains rose from his crypt and made good on that promise. She wondered, could zombies cross an ocean?

  13. I woke just as the engine shuttered to a stop outside the police station. Imagines flashed through my mind; my kids, my wife, but most of all screaming, lots of screaming. I looked at the blood dripping off my hands, wrapped around the steering wheel, and confessed to the approaching policemen, “I think I’ve killed someone.”

  14. Karla grasped onto the winning ticket as if it was life itself. A slender beauty escorted her through the labyrinthine TV studio while the light of a thousand flashes blinded her–cleansed her–on the way to the set. “Run for your life,” the beauty whispered as she pushed her into the arena.

  15. The lid closes, shutting out any trace of light. I count each breath as the dirt rains down over me like airstrikes in contested territory. One . . . two . . . three, death comes slowly to those who wait.

  16. “This is the last train, baby. First me then you, and we’re off to see daddy,” said Norma to baby Lily.

    Baby Lily nods remembering the rules and hears the roar like imminent thunder.

    She cranes her head to look down the platform when her face is smacked wet and air whooshes her palm where her mothers hand used to be.

  17. i know its too late but hey. heres mine:

    Oh why oh why can i not die.
    they slit my throat and bled me dry
    but why oh why can i not die!

  18. Late entry, but I just wanted to get it out there. Thanks!

    Just before he flicked off the lights for the night, Mara heard a knock at the door and his heart stopped for a moment. A late-night knock at the door wasn’t that unusual. She just hadn’t expected to hear it coming from inside the closet.

    • This one is good, so in tribute –

      Knock Knock.
      Who’s there?
      Ididip who?
      (Then add whatever line you like along the gist of “I don’t wanna know your private business!”)

    • Oops. Last minute gender switch that didn’t quite take. Here it is again.

      Just before she flicked off the lights for the night, Mara heard a knock at the door and her heart stopped for a moment. A late-night knock at the door wasn’t that unusual. She just hadn’t expected to hear it coming from inside the closet.

      • This one’s for Mara..

        Knock, Knock!
        Who’s There?
        Madam who?
        Help madam finger is stuck in the door.

        * For all the internal dialogue ‘knockers’ who may think “Seriously? I came here for literary content – not Knock Knock jokes – I say “You’re a writer aren’t you? You’re allowed to embrace contradictory concepts.”

  19. Way too late, but who gives a Sheboygan?

    “Congrats! You’re hired,” quoth the supercilious man, extending his hand.
    “Thanks, I’m really looking forward to this,” replied Chuck Wendig smugly.
    The job announcement on the desk read, “Speechwriter for Donald Trump.”

  20. When we first aimed our dishes at the sky, we feared we might not find anybody. Then we found somebody, and we feared they might not understand us.

    Now they’re here, and there is not enough firepower in the world to save us.

  21. Children need to be kept safe; especially babies; especially Sarah. I had to put her where nothing and no one could ever harm her. And Grandma always said that her preserving jar was the best; anything you put in there will last forever she’d say.

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