The Blue Blazes and The Hellsblood Bride Are Now Available

The saying goes that there is more below the streets of New York City

than there is above them. An exaggeration by those who say it, perhaps,

but they don’t know just how accurate that statement truly is.

Hell’s heart, as it turns out, has many chambers.

From the Journals of John Atticus Oakes,

Cartographer of the Great Below

Mookie Pearl is back.

He’s the one-man army separating the criminal underworld from the very real, very monstrous underworld existing beneath the streets of Manhattan. In the first book, his daughter Nora rises against him to carve out her own little piece of territory shared across both underworlds. And in book two, Nora is trapped in Hell and needs Mookie’s help to escape — unless she can cut her own deal with Mookie’s enemies to allow her egress.

Features: gobbos, half-n-halfs, snakefaces, god-worms, occult drugs, sandhogs, reaper-cloaks, the skinless, mobsters, ghosts, zombies, punching, explosions, charcuterie, family drama.

You have a couple ways to get these two books.

First is, well, free.

I’m offering up the books in PDF format for free.

No, really. You can get them here:

Blue Blazes PDF, Free.

Hellsblood Bride PDF, Also Free.

Enjoy. My gift to you.

Listen, to speak frankly — these books are what they are, warts and all. I’m happy with them, and I love Mookie as a character, and I’m pleased to just offer them up just so people can read them.

If you want ’em in an alternate format, or you’d like to actually toss some coin my way… go below, and you’ll find what you need. You can buy them direct from me via Payhip, or you can snag ’em from Amazon. I may get them up over at B&N and iBooks and the like, but really, my sales there have been so marginal I’m hesitant to even put in the effort.

The Blue Blazes

(Buying direct from Payhip gets you MOBI, ePub, PDF, Html: direct link.)

Or, check out from Amazon.

The Hellsblood Bride

(Buying direct from Payhip gets you MOBI, ePub, PDF, Html: direct link.)

Or, check out from Amazon.

Will There Be A Third Book?

The third book would be titled A Sky Born Black, if it were ever to exist, I think. Or maybe The Skyborn Bane. (Other titles might come up.) But all that presumes a third book is even in the offing — at this point, without a publisher? I dunno. Maybe. If the book does well published on my own, I’d definitely do one up — but at present, it remains to be seen. (Note, however, the two books are complete — a third book is not a necessity to conclude the series. The second book has a very concrete ending — an ending that a third book would exploit and explore.)

32 responses to “The Blue Blazes and The Hellsblood Bride Are Now Available”

  1. YESSSS!!!!! Chuck, I’m so pumped! I’ve been waiting and waiting for updates on the Hellsblood Bride, (I heard there was some issue with the publishers and couldn’t believe it) and now out of the blue, BAM! HERE IT IS ENJOY!! Taking nothing away from your other books (i love Miriam Black! and your own Star Wars book and all the new comics is beyond kickass) there’s something about Blue Blazes that was just perfect for me. The noir and the supernatural, and Mookie’s huge and ugly with grumpy bear charm and into charcuterie and has a clever. So fun! I hope you write a third! Thanks again, and thanks for the free option but going to purchase now! Made my whole week!

  2. I loved Blue Blazes. I hoped there would be more. As much as I appreciate free stuff, I feel a need to purchase the new book from Amazon. You deserve to be paid for your work. I am headed over there now.

  3. WOOHOO! Mookie is back baby!! Chuck, I am super stoked by this! Sounds like some wacky weirdness going on. I can’t believe the sales were tepid–this is great urban fantasy. I think giving them away for free is super cool as newbs to your site should be stoked to get two full novels of pure Wendig goodness. However, I am still gonna buy it and leave you a review. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!

  4. Thanks for getting the Mookster out there, I love that guy. Star Wars is a great universe and all, but with a place that big sometimes you miss the down and dirty grit of life. I’ll take the grit.

    +1 on the purchase.

  5. Wow, that’s generous, thank you. I’ve downloaded and they’re making themselves at home with the rest of my Chuck Wendig collection – my ‘go to’ when I need some no-nonsense advice about writing.

  6. Thank you for the gifts! I look forward to reading something a little outside my current genre readings. Took a stroll back into the fringes of Hogwarts…don’t judge. I am looking for inspiration and you always deliver. 7 days and counting!

  7. I bought THE BLUE BLAZES in paper some time back, and enjoyed it very much. I appreciate the offer of a free copy of THE HELLSBLOOD BRIDE, but I think writers need to support each other. I doubt that my $4.99 will get you much more than a couple of cheeseburgers at McDonald’s, but I agree with Harlan Ellison’s dictum: “Pay the writer!”

  8. It was a sad day when my pre-order for THE HELLSBLOOD BRIDE was cancelled, but this more than makes up for it. I bought my copy and will keep telling people about this series because, dammit, I already want a third book.

  9. dear chuck, thank you for the gift of hells bloodbride! after reading the blue blazes i was hooked! i hope there will be a third because i love mookie and his daughter…but am so excited and grateful you let us have this pdf. i’m so excited to read it! best, tricia

  10. Blue Blazes floored me for its unique characters, mazing setting, and crunchy narrative… so to get the sequel for free is like mana from heaven!

    Thank you 🙂

  11. The Blue Blazes was my first introduction to your writing, and remains my absolute favorite example of your work. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to pick up the sequel, and I’m definitely getting the paid for edition – I WANT there to be a third book in the series.

  12. These were both totally new to me but since I like your other stuff off to Amazon I went. SO glad I did. Only 22% into the first book I’m already lovin’ Mookie and Mookie’s NYC.

  13. I loved Blue Blazes when it came out. I felt the need to give you money for Hellsblood Bride, so I bought it from Amazon. I’m one of the marginal people though who (unless there’s a huge price differential) would have bought it from B&N. (Long story short, as long as the first edition Nooks hold out where they have 3G built in and a built in Sudoku game, I’ll keep doing B&N). Put it up there, and I’d funnel some more money to you for that format (yeah, I know, I could have bought it from Payhip for both, but I normally just get them downloaded direct to my ereaders and don’t mind funneling you the extra little bit of cash.

  14. Really excited & grateful to read this. I just finished Ch. 3, which is a luscious chunk of gorgonzola on its own. I was still pretty cut up over Karyn from the first book.

    Also, this blog’s going to be responsible for two amazing reads in a row. I finished S. A. Hunt’s Malus Domestica yesterday, and this is where I first heard about it.

  15. Talkin’ about you takin’ our money… I was out with my Mum today and we wandered into Dymocks at Westfield Garden City here in Brisbane and you wouldn’t believe what I saw on their shelves!!!!

    ‘Star Wars Aftermath’

    Well!… I raced over to the pile they had by the window and had to pick up the one on top to make sure I wasn’t seeing things!

    I bought it!

    Mum was not impressed… as I had forgotten my brother’s birthday….

    I’ll be buying him some delicious whiskey for him next week to make up for it… she doesn’t know this….

    Chuck… your books are worth owning. 😀

    I’m so pleased! 😀

  16. Having chewed through The Blue Blazes like blazes I’m deliberately pacing myself on The Hellsblood Bride because I know I’ll miss this universe. One paying customer for more in the series for sure.

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