Revenge of the Awkward Author Photo Contest: Time To Vote!


A brand new set of AWKWARD AUTHOR PHOTOS to gaze upon.

Folks entered. A whopping 73 of you, actually.

And holy shit, am I ever laughing.

Anyway — here’s how this works:

You click that link.

You look at the glorious buffet of authorial silliness.

You choose the one photo you believe should win the title of MOST AWKWARD AUTHOR PHOTO.

You take the number of that photo and you pop it into the comments below.

Please make the number of your choice clear. Begin with the number. If you have comments to add, add them after the number, and don’t use any other numbers (“Well, I like 16 but 42 is funny and 37 is awkward but maybe I’ll choose 71”) because I won’t know which one you’re voting for.

Translation: make this easy on me.

You get one vote.

I’ll tally the votes in one week (Wed, July 1st!) and we will have our winners.


And vote.

464 responses to “Revenge of the Awkward Author Photo Contest: Time To Vote!”

  1. so hard to choose…it was between 26 and 59 for me, i’m going to have to go with 59, though 26’s photo would be hilarious on the back of a book jacket

  2. 62…but man was that a hard decision! Have you thought of splitting off and making a “Creepiest Author Photo” contest as well? Because some of these would qualify!!

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