You Have Been Deemed Potentially Useful (And Other News)

I was asked to join the official Twitter Fiction Fest, and last night was my slot, so I took two hours to write something that is equal parts warning and invitation from a mysterious figure known as @TheCompiler01 (who is further bound to a mysterious entity known as Typhon).

The Compiler would like very much to talk to you.

I’ve storified the tale at:

You Have Been Deemed Potentially Useful.

(The story connects to my upcoming novel, ZER0ES, about hackers who tangle with a sinister new government surveillance program. You can pre-order the book presently: Amazon, B&N, Harper, or from your favorite local bookstore using Indiebound.)

I may do more at that account leading up to Zer0es

Storybundle Is Back!

If you don’t know Storybundle, it’s a package of DRM-free e-books centered around a single theme and you can choose your own price and how much goes to charity, how much goes to authors, how much goes to Storybundle. It’s really very cool. I’ve done it before and think it’s a great service and it nets you a bucketload of cool books in one fell swoop.

It’s back, this time with a writing-and-publishing advisory collection curated by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. And I’ve got a book in there —  30 Days In The Word Mines — which serves as a day-by-day writing guide over the course of 30 days. It’s advice that’s equal parts practical and philosophical. Part motivational, part reality check. It’s meant to help you get moving and then give you things to consider once you’re motoring along on the story. It’s there in the bundle with other books by Rusch, Dean Wesley Smith, Vonda McIntyre, Judith Tarr, and others.

Check it out now: Storybundle Writing Bundle.


Hey! I updated my upcoming appearances.

I’ll now be heading out to both DragonCon and the Decatur Book Fest in Georgia, and will split my time between the two of them.

Also, my Phoenix ComicCon panels are now live! I have a metric bootyload of panels, which is awesome. And I get to sit on panels with some of my favoritest people in the whole wide world. (I mean, holy crap, y’all. Delilah Dawson, Kevin Hearne, Sam Sykes, Myke Cole, Max Gladstone, Greg Van Eekhout, Andrea Phillips, Jason Hough, Jay Posey, and more. Plus I get to finally meet Richard Kadrey and Cherie Priest? It’s true that my life is amazing. I’m just stunned I’m not on any panels with Stephen Blackmoore. I guess the con realizes that the two of us on a panel together basically opens yet another of the Seven Seals? WHATEVER.)

(Also looks like GenCon panels are up — though I have not perused them. More on that later.)

I’ve also got some bookstore visits and other trips around worth looking at.

And that’s all she wrote, folks.


*jetpacks away*

17 responses to “You Have Been Deemed Potentially Useful (And Other News)”

  1. I had a creepy moment while reading that Storify, when my computer decided – entirely arbitrarily – to flip to a page telling me the content I was looking for didn’t exist.

  2. It’s probably just me, and it’s probably deeply Freudian, but the highlighted zeros on the right side look like a penis.

    Is it just me?

    • It’s a book I worked really hard on, so please, don’t be rude.


      goddamn, I mean, I’m spinning gold here, people.

      Anyway, seriously, no, it’s not a penis, but thanks for playing.

      — c.

      • Earlier comment disappeared — and the above edited — because I wrote a book and hey it has a cover and I’m not really interested in pursuing denigrating it. Thanks!

        • Chuck, we aren’t denigrating it. We are just saying what we see. Others will do the same on Amazon and their own blogs etc

          Also, lighten up…

  3. That’s not what I saw, but your reply WAS golden.

    I also read your #TwitterFiction (Compiler01) on Storify. It was CREEPY! Especially some of the pics. Eeek. Makes one think twice about all this “connection” we have going on.

  4. I think the folks at PHXCC didn’t appreciate the rotting hobo corpse we brought in to our panel last year and danced around like a puppet to old Latvian folk tunes.

    I’m thinking maybe we should have gone with old Lithuanian folk tunes.

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