Flash Fiction Challenge: The Subgenre Boogie!

This week, again we will take 20 subgenres. You will pick two from the list either using a d20 or random number generator (or use tea leaves or falcon guts or something), then you will write a short story that mashes up those two subgenres.

This time, you’ll get 1500 words.

This is due by next Friday, noon EST.

Post at your online space.

Link to it in the comments below. So we can all read it!


  1. Haunted House
  2. Dystopia
  3. Revenge
  4. Zombie
  5. Weird West
  6. Wuxia
  7. Body Horror
  8. Grimdark Fantasy
  9. Whodunit?
  10. Military Sci-Fi
  11. Comic Fantasy
  12. Technothriller
  13. Superhero
  14. Erotica
  15. Heist / Caper
  16. Alternate History
  17. Parallel Universe
  18. Noir
  19. Time Travel
  20. Demonic Possession

116 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: The Subgenre Boogie!”

  1. So I rolled a 13 and a 19. Because no superhero has ever been involved in time travel…

    Luckily my (failed) NANOWRIMO novel revolved around superheroes, so I had a couple of created characters ripe for a time travel adventure.

    This is, also, the first piece of fiction I’ve ever actually allowed another human being to read. It’s at:


    I’ll be over here cowering in the corner now…

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