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Flash Fiction Challenge: You Filthy Weirdos

So, given all the hullaballoo with Clean Reader (“read books, not profanity”) this week, I thought a flash fiction challenge in pure defiance had some meaning.


I want you to be inspired by that debacle.

I want you to write filthily.

Or write about filth.

Sex, profanity, perversion. Fiction or meta-fiction.

Any genre.

In some way, take something from the discussion about censorship and profanity and vulgarity and sex and — well, throw all that stuff into a blender, whip it up, and see what foamy frappe belches out into your story.

We’ll say you have 2000 words for this one because fuck it, that’s why.

Post the story at your online space.

Link to that story in the comments below.

Due by next Friday, April 3rd, noon EST.