Flash Fiction Challenge: You Filthy Weirdos

So, given all the hullaballoo with Clean Reader (“read books, not profanity”) this week, I thought a flash fiction challenge in pure defiance had some meaning.


I want you to be inspired by that debacle.

I want you to write filthily.

Or write about filth.

Sex, profanity, perversion. Fiction or meta-fiction.

Any genre.

In some way, take something from the discussion about censorship and profanity and vulgarity and sex and — well, throw all that stuff into a blender, whip it up, and see what foamy frappe belches out into your story.

We’ll say you have 2000 words for this one because fuck it, that’s why.

Post the story at your online space.

Link to that story in the comments below.

Due by next Friday, April 3rd, noon EST.

114 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: You Filthy Weirdos”

  1. “Miss Boring Died Today” at a little over 300 words. There is one a swear word in there. It’s half-bleeped but, since it’s my first official swear word, it should count as a big deal!

    The story is not finished. I posted what I have so far just so I could make the deadline. By the time I’m done with it, I’ll graduate to potty mouth extraordinaire. I’ll make all you freaking filthy dirty minded weirdos proud of me. Wait? Is that too much name calling and pseudo-swearing? Sorry. I get carried away sometimes. I just wanted to show that I can pull my own weight here. I could probably make even Chuck Wending blush one day.


  2. This is late, my apologies, I ran into an emergency this morning. This one isn’t really filthy, but the behavior of the people who inspired it was pretty disgusting. Far more morally degenerate than any kind of consensual sexual behavior or language I could come up with. For your perusal…Suffering For Your Art.

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