The Inevitable Black Friday Deals Because Deals Mmm Deals

First of all, let me say up front that books make hella good presents.

Because books.

Books are containers of wisdom and imagination.

They are binders of facts and fancy.


I write books, so maybe you wanna check some of them out.

But, also, maybe you wanna check out some awesome books by awesome people. Books I have loved greatly this year. Books including (but not limited to): Maplecroft, The Girl With All The Gifts, The Incorruptibles, Broken Monsters, The Area X trilogy, The Three, Young GodCibola Burn (which is holy shit $3.25 right now for Kindle?!).

And, if you’re looking for some deals around these parts:

30 Days in the Word Mines is 66% off (~$0.99) until Sunday, with coupon code 30DAYS.

And the Gonzo Bundle is 50% off ($10) until Sunday, with coupon code GONZOBUNDLE.

Also, Zazzle is having sales today, which means my merch is on sale.

Use coupon ZAZBLACKDEAL for 40% off:

Certified Penmonkey mug.

Art Harder, Motherfucker (NSFW) mug.

Art Harder, Motherfucker (SFW) mug.

Or, same coupon (ZAZBLACKDEAL) for 30% off:

Art Harder t-shirt.

Certified Penmonkey t-shirt.

Now: feel free to drop your own favorite reads in the comments!