Flash Fiction Challenge: Conclude The Tale (Part III)

Last week was the second part of the continuing story challenge — this week?

It’s time to bring it to a close.

Go. Find a story that already has two parts written.

Now, complete it with a final 500 words.

Choose a story you have not yet helped to write.

Post the first and second parts together with your concluding climax at your blog or other online space, and do so by next Friday, noon EST.

Have fun with it.

So endeth your mission!

85 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Conclude The Tale (Part III)”

  1. Okay…. I wrote this today… as I knew you’d get us to do this sometime this weekend, Chuck. 😀

    I took Coolerbs second lot and worked on it…. 😉

    I hope both authors enjoy what I’ve done with it.

    • Not the ending I had envisioned, but not so very far off either. Then again, that was the point, I think 🙂 Glad you finished it. I feel so bad for that little broken robot.

    • I love it! I hadn’t even thought yet about what the creatures looked like. You made them come to life.

      Is it my imagination or did you leave it open for more? Perhaps Pavowsky might grab it up again, What do you think?

      • thank you! and yes, i left as an open ended ending…but implied what was going to happen (obviously, hopefully! :D) but it would be cool if Pavowski would want to finish off the story he started, more definitively! 🙂

        • You guys took that in a really unexpected direction; lotta ways it could be taken from there. I love seeing the way the original idea twisted and spun in the hands of different authors. And yeah — I just may have to revisit this one with your changes in mind. Thanks for running with this one! And thanks, Chuck, for the challenge!

  2. I (sort of) concluded Matthew X. Gomez’s and Mickie’s “A Recipe for Disaster.”

    I wanted to end it properly, but there’s just so much there, and 500 words is SO short. It’s over, but there’s more there. I hope they like it, and I hope you do too:


  3. After procrastinating all week I finished “Rotten Girl” originally started by John Freeter and continued by JD Stoffel. http://booksishouldhavereadalongtimeago.wordpress.com/other-stuff/flash-fiction/continue-the-story-part-3-rotten-girl/

    It was a fun one, and a completely different genre than the story I wrote the middle of last week, Tonij’s Isolation: (In case anyone feels like finishing my version :P) http://booksishouldhavereadalongtimeago.wordpress.com/other-stuff/flash-fiction/flash-fiction-the-middle-of-the-story/

    • When I first imagined this story I also envisioned the end turned around on the guy, but not even close to what you came up with. Bravo for doing that in 500 words. ^_^

      I see you have one story still dangling with 2/3 done. I’ll pick that one up today.

      • Thanks, I’m glad that you liked it. I knew it had to get twisted around, but it wasn’t clear how at first. But once I figured out that the once-mentioned brother was behind it, things fell into place. Thanks for the great material to start with.

    • p.s. Would you believe I am actually too afraid to watch slasher movies or read horror fiction? But I do have years of Twilight Zone and Hitchcock in my head and a closet dominatrix tendency so I like my characters to mess with people a little.

      • I can’t handle the straight slasher films (“Saw,” “Halloween,” “Nightmare On Elm Street,” and so on) but some of the better made and classic films (“Psycho” or the original “Carrie” for example) I can get through. Surprisingly, I also liked “The Cabin In The Woods,” probably because it had a great twist to it.

    • I’m so sorry. I posted this in the wrong place. This is supposed to be the follow up to “write a really greate sentence.” My bad.

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