Flash Fiction Challenge: Let Fate Choose Your Title…

Last week’s challenge: And, Action!

By now, I suspect you know how this works.

But, just in case?

You will choose two random numbers.

(Use a d20 or a random number generator.)

Each between 1-20.

Then, those random numbers go to the items in the columns at the end of this post.

One for each.

That earns you your title.

You might end up with Elegant Alleyway.

Or the Black-Hearted Eight.

Or the Lupine Last Call.

You can add “The” to the fore of the title, and make the second part plural, if need be.

And that’s it.

You’ve got, ohhh, 1500 words this go around.

Due in one week — by next Friday, noon EST.

Post at your online space.

Link back here.

Now, get to pickin’.

Column One

  1. Serpentine
  2. Emerald
  3. Blood-Stained
  4. Interstitial
  5. Judas
  6. Lupine
  7. Reaper’s
  8. Merciful
  9. Elegant
  10. Ceaseless
  11. Black-Hearted
  12. Gravedigger’s
  13. Hissing
  14. Bewitching
  15. Dead
  16. Fifth
  17. Monkey’s
  18. Dressmaker’s
  19. Almost
  20. Endless

Column Two

  1. Precipice
  2. Alleyway
  3. Nursemaid
  4. Eschaton
  5. Confirmation
  6. Thunderhead
  7. Eye
  8. Pincushion
  9. Daughter
  10. Reward
  11. Beauty
  12. Locket
  13. Chasm
  14. Eight
  15. Quietus
  16. Beast
  17. Inquiry
  18. Last Call
  19. Coil
  20. Widow

169 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Let Fate Choose Your Title…”

      • Thank you for that! It was my first time joining in on something of this nature and daunting to say the least.

        I misunderstood the deadline (I blame the UK v US English debate) so could have (should have) put more time into it. Looking at it now, I am picking major holes in it, alas.

        Thank you for your kind words, though. At least I know I have something that’s “not horrible” and that can be worked on.

    • I think you did a great job conjuring this story from a fairly cruddy title.You could develop this idea further and really make it zing.

    • My german isn’t as good as I thought it was, so I couldn’t really appreciate your story, but I’m fairly sure it had a happy ending…..and I like happy endings.

    • Your thinking was excellent and you have a good story. I think you also have a potentially enormous field for stories from the ‘Fiddler’s Green’. I’d enjoy reading more.

  1. I don’t think I’m gonna make this in time since I just got my title and starting right now…and I only have 15 mins….and I work today.

    But I will complete it regardless of hitting the 12pm deadline.

    My title is pretty good one too:

    The Gravedigger’s Reward

  2. Great piece Eleanore. You did a great job of not explaining too much,letting the tension build and having the pieces fall in place in a natural organic way. Terrific – really!

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