The Shield: Adam And Chuck Make Comics For Dark Circle


Oh, y’know, maybe it’s just Adam Christopher and Yours Truly tackling the rebooted, gender-flipped The Shield for the Archie comics Red Circle revamp, Dark Circle Comics.

We’ve got Wilfredo Torres making magic on the art machine.

(And we’re totally in USA Today talking about it.)

And we join other creators revamping the Red Circle titles, too — Duane Swierczynski and Michael Gaydos on Black Hood, plus Mark Waid and Dean Haspiel on The Fox.

Really excellent company, yeah? Yeah.

All this under the editorial iron fists of Masters Alex Segura and Paul Kaminski, both of whom deserve eternal thanks for letting us two cuckoopants novelists play in their comic book sandbox and create our own “Daughter of the Revolution.”

So, in other words: holy crap.

Adam and I have worked on some other comic ideas before this — honestly, we work well together. He’s a pal and a gifted writer. If you don’t know Adam, you will. (You should familiarize yourself with his work, stat. If you want a free taste, check out Cold War at right now.)

More soon (including, I think, some thoughts on gender-flipping and diversity in comics).

In the meantime, you can find Adam and I at our Tumblr: Adam And Chuck Make Comics.

I’d like to thank those amazing comic writers who inspire me (and, I’m sure, Adam as well): Gail Simone, Greg Rucka, James Robinson, Marjorie Liu, Kieron Gillen, Kurt Busiek, Kate Leth, Alex de Campi, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Christopher Sebela, Paul Tobin, Caitlin Kittredge, Faith Erin Hicks, Kurtis Wiebe, Matt Fraction, Neil Gaiman, Devin Grayson, Mike Mignola — you know, that list goes on and on and I could be here all day.




I’m excited, what can I say?

Oh, and one last parting shot of The Shield

21 responses to “The Shield: Adam And Chuck Make Comics For Dark Circle”

  1. I will be looking for this on Comixology come 2015! WOOT!

    On a side-note, not sure how much input you had on character designs (or what the original looked like…off to Google that soon then), but kudos on the common-sense approach to The Shield’s costume. I think I know where you stand on this based on past blog posts of yours, so a big, big thumbs up to you, Adam, Torres, and the Dark Circle gang. Between this, the Thor redesign, Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and the publicity generated by the updated Batgirl costume, it’s pretty awesome to see a far-less lusty male-gaze approach to women heroes of late.

    Any chance a look at your scripting process or collaborative process?

  2. Hmm, you mean she doesn’t have boobs like watermelons and a waist like a pixie stick and she can still fight bad guys? How enlightened! Right on, good guys!


    And yes – The Shield looks like a real woman. She is realistic. She is entirely cosplayable. She is supremely kick-ass. That was a big part of our pitch. But as Chuck says, more on that later I think…

  4. Now THAT’s a costume a woman could kick some ass in! AND run for a bus without getting a couple of black eyes! Marvel and DC need to take you and Adam on as consultants, Chuck.

    Have fun and Maintain The Awesome 🙂

  5. […] Thor’s a lady. Captain America is a black dude. Ms. Marvel is Muslim. Spider-Man is a Hispanic kid. Groot is a tree. Adam Christopher and I, along with artist Wilfredo Torres, have reimagined the original patriotic superhero — The Shield, once of Red Circle comics, now of the Dark Circle reboot — not as Joe Higgins, but, rather, as a full-figured ass-kicking woman. […]

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