Flash Fiction Challenge: Bad Parents

Last week’s challenge: “Doing The Subgenre Twist

This week —

You’ve got 1000 words to write about bad parents.

Whatever that means to you? Write it down into a story.

Any genre will do.

Write the story at your blog, drop a link in the comments here so we can read it.

And that’s it.

Due by Friday, July 4th, at noon EST.


112 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Bad Parents”

    • Well portrayed, Mark! I can tell you worked hard to get the right words, phrasing and rhythym. I haven;t attempted to cross the gender barrier in writing, so good on ya for that too!

      • Thanks Colin! Sorry for the delay in the reply here. It was a real hard one to write, but I wanted to cross the gender barrier and see if I could do it justice.

  1. […] publiquei aqui) e, obviamente, uma narrativa um pouco mais concisa. Este texto só existe devido ao desafio do Chuck Wendig, que dá o nome a este texto. O desgraçado não publicou outros desafios desde então, logo, […]

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