Flash Fiction Challenge: Must Contain…

Last week’s challenge: Describing one thing ten ways.

This week’s pretty straight forward.

I’ve got two lists at the bottom. Pick (or randomly choose with dice or a random number generator) one from each list, then make sure your flash fiction contains each of those things.

That’s it. Easy-peasy, Ramona-and-Beezy.

You’ve got an upgraded 1500 words. Due in one week (March 14th). Post it at your online space of choice. Drop a link to your completed story in the comments below. Any genre.

Now, the lists…

Must Contain #1

  1. A lover’s betrayal.
  2. A dead body without a face.
  3. A mysterious — perhaps even magical — photograph.
  4. An antique gun.
  5. A terminal illness.
  6. An ancient tree.
  7. A time machine.
  8. A monster.
  9. A faithful hound.
  10. A talking cat.

Must Contain #2

  1. A distant outpost.
  2. An infernal bargain.
  3. A pair of detectives.
  4. A stolen treasure.
  5. A forgotten manuscript.
  6. An escaped prisoner.
  7. A hard drive filled with secrets.
  8. A plane or train ride.
  9. A piece of lost technology.
  10. A comatose patient.


141 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Must Contain…”

    • You managed to not use much dialog, but keep the flow going at a good pace. And I love the cat. I’ve been in love with talking cats since The Last Unicorn.

      You kept changing the spelling on Stanley was that intentional?

  1. I got an antique gun and a loyal dog. And, only now I do I realize I accidentally rolled the same list twice. *bonk* In any case, I decided to make this a general fiction. No crazy elements of magic, technology, or horror. It was really fun.

    The Fate of Cora http://wp.me/p4ifXa-9A

    • Being the owner of a cat who has the tendency to poke claws into my scalp at 3 am in the morning, I sympathize with Jeff. Cats are evil evil creatures. Nice story, funny and disconcerting at the same time.

  2. I tried to get all clever and used the “Random Number Generator” on Google. I got. . .

    1) A lover’s betrayal
    1) A distant outpost.

    Ha. Here it is. Enjoy. Oh, and thanks again, Chuck. This was a lot of fun.


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