Flash Fiction Challenge: “Roll For Title!”

Smell that?

*takes long sniff*

It is the first flash fiction challenge of the year.


And it is wonderfully sweet.

I’d actually like to take a little moment to say I’m so happy that these challenges seem to get people writing and I’ve seen more than a few folks sell-through stories based on these challenges, which makes the brittle broken snow-globe that I call my heart twitch and shine for one second.

Anyway, let’s get to it.

All you need to do this week is to use a d20 or a random number generator to consult the table at the bottom of the document to roll for a story’s title. It’s a two-part title (meaning, two random numbers 1-20) and whatever title you get must fit the story you write for it.

You’ll have 1000 words, par usual. Post at your blog, link back here. Due in one week — January 17th, Friday — by noon EST. Easy-peasy story-squeezy.

(Example of an earlier, similar challenge here.)

The title tables are (and you’re free to put the word “The” in front of your title):

Column One

  1. Snowbound
  2. Devil’s
  3. Accursed
  4. Whispering
  5. Amethyst
  6. Griefstruck
  7. Lovestruck
  8. Red
  9. Cartographer’s
  10. Chaos
  11. Orbital
  12. Jackdaw’s
  13. Minotaur
  14. Invisible
  15. Dog Star
  16. Helical
  17. Flight of the
  18. Cerulean
  19. Seamstress’
  20. Ten-Year

 Column Two

  1. Murders
  2. Kid’s Club
  3. Angel
  4. Vault
  5. Bookshop
  6. Champion
  7. Palace
  8. Fear
  9. Skull
  10. Potion
  11. Birdhouse
  12. Encyclopedia
  13. Peacock
  14. Prison
  15. Wire
  16. Rider
  17. Story
  18. God
  19. Parasite
  20. Earth

410 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: “Roll For Title!””

      • I actually read a great fiction series when I was a teen about the world at that time, which was awesome. I wish I remembered the name. But DaVinci’s Demons sounds really interesting! Great, another series I need to sample! 😉

  1. […] Chuck Wendig’s first Flash Fiction Challenge of 2014 was not an easy one, at least for me. I had a feeling that I probably should pass, but I was too excited about the difficulty I knew it would pose for me, so I caved. The random number generator decided my title, and it took most of the week of brainstorming to finally come up with an idea. Executing it took longer than I had hoped, so I’m actually a day late in getting this up. I like the concept of this story, but I think I came up short in making it a good story. Feedback is very appreciated! […]

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