Flash Fiction Challenge: 200 Words At A Time, Part 3

First round is right here.

Second round is right here.

The rules are simple:

Look through the now 400-word entries from last week (round two, linked above).

Pick one.

Add another 200 words to the story.

(Easiest way forward is to copy the chosen 400 words to your own blog, then add the next 200. Don’t forget to link to your now 600-word story in the comments. Someone may want to continue the tale next week, for part four.)

You do not need to have participated in the first rounds to participate in this one.

Try to choose to continue a story in which you have not yet participated.

Do not finish the story. This is a five-part fiction experiment: we’ll end the year with several 1000-word stories, each built out of 200-word chunks by you guys. This is a collaborative game. It is Whisper Down the Lane. It is Telephone. It should be very interesting by the end. One hopes.

You’ve got one week.

Due by Friday, December 13th (gasp!), noon EST.

Join the narrative chain, won’t you?

221 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: 200 Words At A Time, Part 3”

  1. LOOK HERE FOR STORIES THAT NEED TO BE ADOPTED ALSO PLACE ANY STORIES ON THE LINK IF THEY ARE STILL AVAILABLE. Sorry about the caps. If you have already done one…do another…the best way to improve your writing skills is to go outside your comfort zone. Thanks all.

  2. Sorry, a little late this week. For the third installment of the 200-word challenge I randomly chose another excerpt. I had a hard time keeping my word count at 200 this week, as this story has so much potential. I was so engrossed in the writing that, before I knew it, ended up with over 300 words, which was editied down to 207. I really hope someone takes up the torch here and continues this story.

    A woman wakes up in a deserted cotton field. She’s on the run. But from what? Seems that she’s about to find out . . .

    The first 200 words were contributed by Joe at: http://joebrewing.wordpress.com/

    The second 200 words were composed by Morag Donnachie at: http://confusinmusing.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/well-i-did-it.html

    My 200 word addition can be found at: http://jeremiahboydstun.com/2013/12/13/200-words-round-iii-121313/

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