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The Month Of No Dubious Writing Bloggerel

Just a head’s up —

NaNoWriMo is a big ol’ cork-pop of “writing blather,” so I’m going to take December off.

I mean, I’ll still be here. Blogging as I do.

Just not about anything related to the art, craft, or practice of writing/storytelling/publishing. I reserve the right to change my mind if something particularly compelling comes up that DEMANDS MY INEXPERT OPINION, but otherwise, this is a solid ban.

I’ll still talk books and stuff because — hey, year’s almost over and I have favorite reads to detail.

Otherwise, it’ll be food and toddlers and coffee and a post I’ve been working on for quite some time now, which is about the very nature of happiness in our lives. It sounds all serious, but I’m sure I’ll still find a way to include unnecessary references to poop, genitals, unicorns, hobos, maybe badgers, possibly wombats. I gotta be me, after all.

So, there you go.


The Month Of No Dubious Writing Bloggerel.

*bangs gavel*

*eats a cupcake*