Flash Fiction Challenge: The Cooperative Cliffhanger, Part Two

Last week: the first part of this very challenge.

A lot of you wrote stories featuring cliffhangers — meaning, the stories are incomplete. The audience and the authors dangling off the precipice. Time to change that.

Your task?

Pick one of the unfinished stories from last week and finish it.

No, you may not pick your own story. Jeez.

You’ve got the usual 1000 words. Due by next Friday, October 3rd. Post at your own online space. Link back here. (It may be helpful if you identify the author and original link of the first story part you choose. We may wanna read the first part again.)

Complete the stories.

Solve the cliffhanger.

57 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: The Cooperative Cliffhanger, Part Two”

    • Thanks for finishing my story. That’s really flattering. 🙂 I have to say I liked the twist ending. I wouldn’t have ever thought to go in that direction.

  1. The last time I’ve tried one of your challenges, Chuck, I ended up writing an interactive story for 3 months (the catalyst was a photo from a Stockholm metro by Elia Locardi)… Think I’ll skip this one as there’s more writing to be done. 😉

    In case anyone’s interested: http://tyrovogel.com/talk-straight/

    Feel free to delete / edit my message if you find it inappropriate.

    Peace & love,

    • Francesca, Please accept my apology for the lateness of my response. Computer problems, internet snags, etc., etc. Always something, but I wanted to make sure I commented on your continuation/finish? of my story.

      This was great. What I wrote, I hope, was overshadowed by darkness, and you continued that same air. I like the way you got inside Clyde’s head in that he fantasized he was on the other side of the camera–acting out the scene, even if it was to be his last. Being immortalized on film for all to see.

      Too much though, I think, because the illusion became too real and it made him literally ill. However, the girl, not being just a poor little confused runaway, but more likely a disturbed sociopath on the prowl, unfortunately for him, seems unable to distinguish fantasy from reality and promises to fulfill his.

      One can only wonder what occurred next. I love the way you left it open-ended yet again. The darkness remains strong…

    • Thank you again for continuing my story. I really felt like you got inside my head with your handling of the little guy’s approach to dealing with his situation. There was something oddly fascinating about reading someone else’s continuation of something I started.
      It might be late, but would you mind if I gave continuing yours a go?

  2. I wrote the next chapter to David Coventry’s story, the spaghetti western + zombies mashup. It may or may not have ended on yet another cliffhanger. As always, comments and constructive criticisms are welcome. Here’s “Demonio Necrófago”.


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