The Forever Endeavor, Part One: Free To Read!

So, as you may recall, I am writing a serialized story for Fireside Fiction Company.

That story is “The Forever Endeavor.” It’s about, as I put it before, a man who finds a very special box with a very special button that does a—well, obviously, a very special thing.

To get full access to all the serial chapters, you need to subscribe to Fireside.

However, were you wanting to read the first installment, well — has you covered.

Please also note that the stories are illustrated by none other than (ahem) HUGO-AWARD-WINNING ARTIST, GALEN DARA. *puffs out chest proudly*

Written by Campbell-nominated me. Illustrated by Hugo-winning Galen Dara.

First installment: free.

Rest: awaiting your clickies.