The Cormorant (Miriam Black Book #3) Cover Reveal

Miriam Black is back.

And once again, inked by the mad scientist known as Joey Hi-Fi.

Miriam Black, the poison pill psychic who can see how you’re going to die just by touching you, returns in a new high-stakes horror adventure that drags her from the hoarfrost hell of Philadelphia in winter to the bleachy bleary sand-brined Sunshine State of Florida.  In The Cormorant, someone has a score to settle with Miriam Black, and sends a message written in blood sent through the cruel channels of fate to spur her forward on a path twined with revenge and redemption. New loves, old family, broken relationships — all of it crashes together sure as the dark surf smashes into the bone-white seawall.

To catch up on the other two books in the series before Cormorant lands in December:

Miriam Black Book #1: Blackbirds.

Miriam Black Book #2: Mockingbird.

(Both are pretty cheap as e-books right now: under $5 a pop.)


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