In Which I Make New Wallpapers, Maybe

Once in a while I like to fuck around with Photoshop to keep my Mad Graphixx Skillz mos fresh, which is to say I have middling skills and don’t want them to descend back into a primitive state, and one of the ways I do this is by grabbing quotes or thoughts from This Very Blog and turning them into wallpapers or what-not for your share-around or desktop-image purposes.

Like, say, the one above.

I’m also planning on maybe another round of merch to sell, since some folks really seem to dig the coffee mugs and t-shirts so far. And so I come to you.

If you have any quotes or notions you’ve found here at the site and you’d like to see them done up in this kind of format, drop them into the comments below. I might pick a few and give them this treatment. (Alternately, I may fall asleep covered in Nutella and pornography.)

Or, if you’re a capable graphics person and want to do similar wallpapery things, please do so with my blessing. I trust in your infinite graphic design wisdom.

Thanks, folks!

42 responses to “In Which I Make New Wallpapers, Maybe”

  1. I like this, from a few days ago: “Silence Self-Doubt With Hollowpoint Bullets Packed With Your Indifference.” If I had InDesign, I would totally do something with it. Sadly, I do not. So I leave it up to you.

  2. I LOVE this one!!! I write, hence I am a writer… some naysayers like to tell me, but you are not published, I just stare at them in confusion till they look away (not sure if that is because they feel sorry for me that they would have to explain, or ashamed for disillusioning me *grins*)

  3. If I don’t see something with “word babies” there may be trouble. Also, I quote you all day and tell people if they can’t write 350 words “you don’t get to be a writer.” Insert Wendig fanciness, make that a thing for me if you would. I will look in the trash for the bits that didn’t make it.


  4. For T-shirts I vote —

    I’ve got scary dragon eyes And I’ve got freaky goblin balls. TOGETHER WE WILL FIGHT CRIME.

    Fuck money

    Don’t give haters space in your brain ( add cool fucked up brain graphic)

    For Coffee Mugs I vote —

    My novel is shit.

    I would drink my ritualistic morning tea out of it happily.

    I’ve got your lists taped above my desk. The most useful tip to me personally is Create before you consume. I have some weird book fetish followed by a notebook and journal fetish and when I should be writing I say, “but I need a new notebook”, which I fucking absolutely DO NOT. Or just as procrastinistic, (I know that isn’t a word but it SHOULD be) I say I’m doing research by reading other books like the one I’m going to write and spend a hundred bucks and a month just reading. Very effective procrastination.

    Good luck!

    • Oh man, I need that reminder on a daily basis. My current list of oh-so-neccessary office supplies to be purchased includes a can of chick peas for some reason, so I know I’m full of shit. If there was a “create before you consume” mug, I’m sure I would promptly add it to the “need it!” list, too.

  5. I’d definitely would love the how to write a novel and how to edit a novel in glossy poster formats to frame and hang on my wall or any other of the 25 lists wallpapers.

    They’re pretty and inspiring. Perfect for my room or future writing office.

  6. I love how I always feel guilty after reading your thought about writing. Speaking od finishing one’s shit… did I miss the announcement of the winners for the “Choose Your Opening Line” contest?

  7. What we need is a daily calendar–you know, one of those that sits on your desk and you flip the page every day–with the greatest advice lines you’ve given. I’d buy it. I’m sure every writer out there would.

  8. I like the self-doubt is like the weatherman quote, but that might be because I am, in fact, married to a weatherman. But I would totally rotate that mug with my Art Harder mug.

  9. please stop emailing me. i have tried a dozen times to unsubcribe! it clearly is not working for some reason

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