A Font Of Wisdom — Get It? Font? Font Of Wisdom?

I think I blew the joke with the blog title.

What I’m trying to say is —

Since switching from PC-Land to Mac-opolis, I’ve since lost a considerable number of the fonts I’d built up on that old PC. Which is not a huge deal, really — many of them were total pants. Just the same, it has come time, I think, to not so much replenish the same fonts on the Mac but to build a bigger and better army with which I can write profanity and pithy sayings in very big, very pretty letters.

And so, I ask you about font.

What’s your favorite font?

To write in? For titles? For posters or other typographical design work?

Bonus points if it’s a font I can download free or cheap somewhere!

This isn’t just about me replenishing lost fonts, though —

I am genuinely curious which fonts you love and use the most.