A Font Of Wisdom — Get It? Font? Font Of Wisdom?

I think I blew the joke with the blog title.

What I’m trying to say is —

Since switching from PC-Land to Mac-opolis, I’ve since lost a considerable number of the fonts I’d built up on that old PC. Which is not a huge deal, really — many of them were total pants. Just the same, it has come time, I think, to not so much replenish the same fonts on the Mac but to build a bigger and better army with which I can write profanity and pithy sayings in very big, very pretty letters.

And so, I ask you about font.

What’s your favorite font?

To write in? For titles? For posters or other typographical design work?

Bonus points if it’s a font I can download free or cheap somewhere!

This isn’t just about me replenishing lost fonts, though —

I am genuinely curious which fonts you love and use the most.



  • Palatino for all my writing. It’s good to read in print. And since it comes from the Mac originally (or that’s where I encountered it first), it should be already available to you. It’s one of the defaults on the iPad now at least.

    As for other uses; that really depends on what you want to use it for.

  • bancomicsans.com. There we are. Way off course with the comic-fonts. If you harbour a deep resentment for the infamous comic sans, this provides an overwrought manifesto (and news!) on it’s entire distressing nature. The Pope is even a victim. DON’T LET IT GET YOU.
    http://bancomicsans.com/main/?page_id=98 <— fonts 😀

  • While writing, I love to use Futura. I find the sans-serif less intrusive on my consciousness when I write, while still being perfectly legible and pleasing to look at. (Actually, I love that typeface for most anything.)

    When I have to be official, I switch to a serif like Garamond or Palatino. I suppose I could use Times, but… just because I *can* do something doesn’t mean I *should.* .

  • I’ve been using that old Mac stand-by, Georgia, when I’m writing in Byword (my Markdown editor of choice). Just makes me feel that it’s real, like the page of a book.

    But I rather like Alegreya, one of the free Google web fonts, for a lot of purposes. There’s a whole family of regular, bold, black, italic, bold italic, etc. The italic is particularly nice.

  • Wanna spend stupid amounts of time looking at fonts? My go-to for fonts. http://www.1001freefonts.com/
    Far as favorites, I tend to use plain ol’ Times or Courier for the writing. And I just kind of like the look of Times. Some of the ones I just plain like are Boister Black, Baroque Antique Script, Copperplate Gothic. Piracy, Postcrypt, and Firestarter are just kinda fun, as are Star Jedi and Runic. I tend to use those for RPG writing/prep. And I use Isle of Misfit Toys and Kingthings Christmas for Christmas gift tags. I used to have craploads of fonts before my old PC took a shit.

  • Adobe Jenson Pro is text. There are other fine typefaces that suit other needs, but when a whole bunch of words needs to hang out in little clusters and those clusters get lonely unless they’ve got several thousand others, Jenson makes them sing in tune, dresses them up in their Apollo Theater best and sends them out to perform. Yes, you must pay, but what an investment.

    For more decorative needs, there are many, but lately, I’ve been giving Reina 36 Pro a lot of love. It’s ridiculously cheap for all it does.

  • I trust you’re familiar with Courier Prime? Because I’m in fucking love with it. For regular prose stuff, I’m a fan of Garamond, which you probably already know and have an opinion of. There is one called “Quicksand” that you can get–I believe–from dafont.com, which is a nice Title/Header face that’s done me some good over time.

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