Fireside, Year Two: Serialized Content By Yours Truly

Fireside is a fucking great magazine.

Brian White put together three full issues via Kickstarter, featuring powerful stories across all genres by some incredible writers (Blackmoore, Bear, Howard, Liu, Grintalis, etc). Further, he pays his authors very well — well above what is sadly an unevolved base professional rate.

Fireside’s back with a new Kickstarter, this time transitioning from a print magazine to an online-only and e-book presence. And, in this iteration, I’m on board, too.

In fact, I’m on board with a 12-part serial storytelling experiment (tentatively titled “The Forever Endeavor”). It’s been a story I’ve wanted to write for a long time but which is challenging for reasons that will become apparent should the Kickstarter reach its goal — it’s not exactly a mainstream story and it’ll be funny and sorta fucked up and something of a noodle-cooker in terms of how it boggles my brain (and hopefully yours). So, I’m excited to have a forum to put this thing to paper — er, “paper” — and get it into people’s heads.

Plus, Brian’s got other great writers joining in, putting me in some excellent company — Ken Liu, Delilah Dawson, Karina Cooper, and the mighty Lilith Saintcrow.

Plus: design by Pablo Defendini!

And that artwork by Galen Dara, c’mon. C’mon.


Want in? Then put me to work.

The Kickstarter is now live.


  • Cool! I’m a big believer that serials and short stories are going to make a comeback as digital reading becomes more common and writers 1) use them to market and gain a following and 2) don’t have to wait for a full collection to justify paper printing.

  • I’m just parroting Chuck here but Fireside really is a great magazine. I backed all three issues so far and haven’t regretted it yet. There have been some really great stories in Fireside. Tangent Online’s 2012 recommended reading list included 3 of the 4 stories from issue 2. One of those was Jake Kerr’s story “Perspective”, which they gave a three star recommendation to. Personally I’m not sure if that was even my favorite – Ken Liu’s story from issue 1 was really really good too. So, yes – if you like short fiction (from any genre) you might want to check this kickstarter out.

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