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Promote Something Awesome That Will Make Us Squeesplode

It’s another pimp something you love post.

Let’s keep it to books, this time.

Tell us about a book — preferably one you’ve read recently or that’s coming out recently — that you dig so much you have to tell us about it or you’ll squeesplode all over the damn Internets.

And yes, I just made up a word, “squeesplode.”

Please spread it widely and with wanton disregard for good manners.

One thing you wanna pimp. Tell us what it is, by whom, and why you dig it.

And not by you. But by someone else.

Here’s mine:

DEAD THINGS by Stephen Blackmoore.

Urban fantasy by way of Richard Kadrey and Jim Butcher. Grimmer stuff, I think, than his debut, CITY OF THE LOST, but still funny at times, too. It’s about magic, and the power and sacrifices one makes with that magic — and one of those sacrifices may involve cozying up to Santa Muerte, which is not a goddess you really want to cozy up to. It’s got murder, mages, and ghosts aplenty. It’s really bad-ass and I want you to read it.

Oh! And two more books in the series will be on the way, too. (CITY OF THE LOST takes place in the same world with the same rules but only has very minor crossover into DEAD THINGS.)

Click here to check it out (you can even read the first chapter there).

Your turn!