A Holiday Hiatus, And Other News


Some real quick news-flavored snidbits (now in nacho habanero salted caramel):

Holy crap! Blackbirds gets a nod as being amongst the best of 2012 at The Independent. This is alongside some alarmingly talented, er, talent — Paul Cornell, Nick Harkaway, Cherie Priest, Joe Abercrombie. Very happy to be in such great company. Humbled, honored, and more than a little tingly in all my pink parts. (Check out Blackbirds here at Amazon.)

Blackbirds has flown into the Novel of the Year running at This Is Horror! But to fly to the furthest flung heights, that means I need your vote. (If, of course, you enjoyed the book.) You can check it out and vote here, if you so choose!

Blackbirds continues to also flutter forward, round after round, at the Ranting Dragon Cover Battle 2012. We’re currently in the Quarter Finals, with Blackbirds in the Coverdome against N.K. Jemisin’s The Killing Moon. Two covers enter, one cover leaves. (As authors we have decided to both of us will reprise the Tina Turner role; I will take Tina’s wardrobe, and N.K. will take the hair.) Whether or not you like the book, I happen to believe that thanks to the mighty magic of Joey Hi-Fi, the Blackbirds cover is THE BESTEST COVER TO HAVE EVER COVERED A BOOK. Which means, yet again, I’d appreciate your vote if you’re feeling all votey.

From Book Monkey, a Blackbirds review: “There is often something about urban fantasy series that don’t pull me in enough to make me want to read more. But Blackbirds is definitely the exception, and I literally can’t wait to read the next instalment Mockingbird.”

Let’s see. What else?

You’ll find me yammering over at ThrillerCast.

The terribleminds revamp is largely complete. We now have a way to subscribe to the blog. Or to comments. And we have nested comments, too. I now have a full portfolio on the front page for the work. The blog font size is increased. The widgets are still… changing, maybe, I dunno? But we’re at least in done for now territory.

Love to get your thoughts on it when you have but a free moment?

I’m currently almost through the second draft rewrite of The Blue Blazes.

While also editing Popcorn (which has a new title I’ll share after the new year).

While also editing Gods & Monsters: Unclean Spirits.

While also prepping Beyond Dinocalypse.

While also drunkenly veering toward Christmas and New Year’s.


Okay, maybe not that last part.

But all this leads me to the final crunchy snidbit of news:

Terribleminds is going on hiatus!

Relax, relax, it’s not like, a long one. Or even a complete one.

We’ll be back just after the New Year. Probably that Wednesday, the 2nd.

Further, you’ll see another post between now and then — a personal year’s end wrap-up.

But meanwhile, I’m gonna go crawl back around the word-war trenches.

Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas. May Lucifer light your way. I mean, uhh, not Lucifer. What? Who said Lucifer? Was it you? Weirdo. *runs away, disappears in a cloud of incredulity*


  • Congrats on your success so far. Have a great Christmas, and thanks for one of the most informative and entertaining blogs around. Enjoy your hiatus!

  • I’m currently reading Blackbirds. I was reluctant to buy it because I feared your stone chiseled prose I admired in your blog wouldn’t carry over into your fiction. After reading it, I breathed a sign of relief for how wrong I was. Great story and superb writing.

  • Merry Hanuchrismakwansolstica and a Very Happy New Year!

    I dig the site revamp, which I didn’t at first because I dug the old site, especially the ginormous awesome images every day, but all things must progress or die, so there ya go. And possibly I’m bitter because I’m trying to do the same thing from scratch for a friend’s business site but most of my ragingmad webskilz have moldered into a pile of torn pixels. So HUZZAH! for youse and your new shiny site!

  • Ok, Chuck you got me. I’ll finally fork over my finely polished rupees for a copy of BLACKBIRDS.

    I’ve seen enough reviews. They’re like a current of sqeetly saturated maple syrup. Yum. I might also eat pancakes. I’m craving the ‘cakes.

  • I’m really loving the re-design. Like a few others, I was iffy at first because I really liked the OTHER one as well. But after a few visits I decided this one is terribly spiffy and I approve.

    I just realized I used both “iffy” and “spiffy.” It’s been a long day.

    Have a great holiday, Chuck!

  • So THAT’S who was chasing me through dimensions. Dude, Chuck, I wasn’t trying to destroy the tender membranes…I was just trying to skip the rush hour traffic.

    Can I just say that I’m REALLY looking forward to Dinocalypse Now? It just looks ridiculously awesome.

    Happy holidays, Chuck. Here’s to a great new year.

  • All this talk about blackbirds has definitely caught my attention. I’ll have to take a look at some reviews and see if it’s the sort of book I like to read, but my interest has been peaked. Have a great Christmas!

  • Thanks be that Popcorn is getting a new title. Every time it came round in conversation all I could think of was that terrible movie Lamont & Tonelli made me view. They snuck out of the theater in the middle and left me to deal with the angry mob.

    Of course that doesn’t mean the next title won’t have a complicated association either. Site is fab. Happy hiatus.

  • Love the site revamp! Love the books and the writing challenges, while we’re at it. Thanks for the awesome year of bloggables, dude: it’s been awesome. I’ll meet you on the other side of New Year’s!

  • They’re not terrorists, they’re assassins, and no stealing my antagonists–I paid them in chocolate pretzels and ham, and they are all about that ham. They will go through any and all membranes for that ham. So you know.

  • Chuck,

    Thanks for being here… on the internets day-in day-out.

    Thanks for your sharing your wisdom, humor, experiences, recipes, compassion, anger and random neural flotsam and jetsam

    Happy Holidays,


  • First let me say that you’re one of my heroes, and I’m not embarrassed by that at all. I learned more from your “250 Things You Should Know about Writing” then just about any other book on writing, and it wasn’t from the 250 things … it was the powerful, blazing, glorious way you expounded on those 250 things. Man, can you rant! I’m in an MFA program right now, and I told them in my personal statement that I wanted to steal Charles Yu’s brain and transplant it into my head…but I’ve been reconsidering. Got my eye on your brain. Of course, the whole brain-stealing/transfer procedure thing I’m still working out, so you’re safe…at least for the duration of your holiday. Thanks for all the awesomeness! (Disclaimer: I have no real intention of stealing anyone’s brain. I’m a non-violent kind of guy, 100%. Peace-lover. Unless I have an Xbox 360 controller in my hand and you happen to be an alien/mutant/zombie/terrorist/evil robot/evil anything. Then you’re toast. Or not, since my reflexes aren’t what they used to be.)

  • I can’t BELIEVE that when you said “May Lucifer light your way”, no one commented on that nice little bit of word-play (the meaning of Lucifer being light-bearer or carrier of the light or morning star, depending on your source).

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