The Sound Of Hammers Hammering And Saws Sawing

Obviously, as you might could tell, I’m tweaking the site here more than a little. It’ll be in flux for the next week or so, I wager — so, until the dust settles, apologies for any wonkiness that happens here.

And, also, I’ve been made aware that the site, as it republished the static pages menu, shit-bombed some folks’ RSS feeds — so for that, another heaping helping of apologies. (The weird part is, I think it sent out some unsent cached  contact emails from the Contact Form? Why the fuck it would do that is beyond me.)

I’m going to get my portfolio sorted between today and tomorrow.

Also: the font in these blog posts is too damn small. Anybody know how to up the font size? I was to understand it was part of my blog’s theme settings but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’m obviously going to have to tweak CSS but I am no CSS expert. Thanks again for your patience and help and liquor-hugs.


  • Firefox has some extremely useful debugging tools called FireBug, under F12 on a PC (not sure about Mac). Within FireBug there’s an element chooser that you can use to pick a paragraph of text, and it will fill up a pane with the stylesheet elements. This tells you the applicable styles, and which file and line number where the applicable style comes from. Then you can increase the font size there. Good luck!

  • As one whose RSS feed was shit-bombed…no worries; it happens. It’s one of the things in my reader that I always look forward to, so I’m not going to become a feces-hurling ape and yell about it. As far as the unsent email, all I got was email saying you’re a Nigerian prince who wants to send me money and make my penis larger.

    No worries.

    It happens.

  • I have to say, I miss the convenience of being able to type in “” and being sent instantly to your blog posts, but what can you do? I just have to click an extra button.

    I don’t know about everyone else, but on most computers I go on, even fancy sh,ancy ones with Windows 8, Your adds for your books always misload in the most annoying places (like right over a blog post I want to read). This has not yet happened in this new format.

    Overall, nice improvements. It’s always good to get out of the daily grind and shake things up a bit.

  • If you’re able to alter your CSS (I suggest the MyCSS plugin if you’re not hosted on here’s what I’ve been able to figure out:

    div.single-post-content p {
    font-size: chooseyourfontsize;
    line-height: 1.5em;

    To change the comment font size:

    ul.comment-list p {
    font-size: chooseyourfontsize;
    line-height: 1.5em;

  • GAAAAHHHH dammit Chuck that’s my one weakness–looking up stuff I can’t quite remember in college textbooks I should’ve sold back but didn’t in an effort to be helpful to people I don’t really know for real! Cur-ses!

    The book I’ve got is for Dreamweaver CS5, which is now likely a little out-of-date. However, some pointers… When you’re ready to tweak the CSS, the font size is likely to be a rule applied to the body tag. (it’ll say “body” in the sidebar, and when you click it, it should show you all the rules associated with it). If not, you can make a new rule. The “selector” should be “body” and then you can define the settings. You’ll want the “type” window tab, and then you can change the font size and whether it’s measuring pixels or percent-of-screen-space. I’d go with the percent, because everyone’s screen is different.

    If that was wrong, anyone who knows more than I do, please correct me!
    If that was right and made you say “no-wha-hu-wazza? Eh?” Let me know. I’ll send you the book. It’s the Visual Quickstart Guide to Dreamweaver CS5 by Tom Negrino and Dori Smith, and it’s pages 198-201.

  • Modify the font size in your /wp-content/themes/yin_and_yang/style.css by setting it in the P tag. That should cover most all elements.
    p {
    font-size: 1.1em;
    Example Change:
    p {
    font-size: 1.313em;

  • Thought you might like to know my rss feed is still being shit-bombed. The most recent “post” is from about half an hour ago.

  • Neat! It looks très stylish and white – so very, very white.

    I did notice that when I press the cross in the bottom left hand corner – what? Why did I press that? Because it was THERE! It mutters on about widgetized areas… wow – new word, huh? Widgetized.

  • Long-time lurker here – love the new, clean, minimalist design BUT I’m a web surfer who has to increase the font sizes on almost all web pages, and when I try to do it here, the black curtain (with nothing useful to me on it) at the bottom rises up and up and up until I can’t see anything – is there some way for me to do it differently?

    And what’s up with everyone using size 3 fonts these days? (Not you.) I’m not just waving my cane at the whippersnappers here because my bifocals are out of date – seriously, can someone tell me why everyone is using such miniscule fonts these days? Do they have to pay by the square mm of pixels used to form letters?

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