Flash Fiction Challenge: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Open Swim

I’m at Worldcon/Chicon, where the name on the lips of all the writers is “science fiction/fantasy.”

So, that’s what you’ll write.

But that’s your only parameter this week.

The leash is off, the collar is loose.

1000 words. Up to.

Due by Friday the 7th, 12noon EST.

Post at your online space.

Link back here.

Go write, moon dwellers and dragon tamers.

45 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Open Swim”

  1. […]  Illustration by David Grigg. Lightning image from snowpeak on Flickr. David Grigg is the author of many short stories and two short novels for early teens. His books are for sale in our Bookstore. This is rather a belated (and too long) response to another Chuck Wendig flash fiction challenge. […]

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