Flash Fiction Challenge: Another Random Word Challenge

Last week’s challenge: “A Smattering Of Settings

I dig the random word challenges.

It’s interesting to see what bizarre alchemical narrative computations take the simple lead of these words and change them not only into gold but, rather, a bevy of precious metals.

And so, that’s what’s popping its head up at the hole this week.

I’ve got eight words.

I want you to pick four.

These four must be represented in the fiction you write.

The words?









(If you care to know where I get my random words: this random word generator!)

You have, as always, one week (Friday, August 31st, by noon EST) to write up to 1000 words. Post at your online space, then link back here in the comments so that we can come check it out.

Find your words, and get to slinging ink.

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