Flash Fiction Challenge: One Small Story In Seven Acts

The “write in the present tense” challenge is just wrapping up. Won’t you check it out?

Earlier this week I was all like, “Blah blah blah, here’s 25 things about story structure.”

And in there I offered one particular structure for a story —

A seven-act spread.

There I wrote:

Behold, a rough seven-act structure: Intro (duh) –> Problem or Attack (duh) –> Initial Struggle (character first tussles with source of conflict) –> Complications (conflict worsens, deepens, changes) –> Failed Attempts (oops, that didn’t work) –> Major Crisis (holy goatfucker shitbomb, everything’s gone pear-shaped) –> Climax and Resolution (duh).

…and now I want to see those seven acts put into play.

In a 1000-word example of flash fiction.

From you.

Yes, that’s right. I want you to take your 1000 words and orchestrate a full seven-act arc from intro all the way to the climax and resolution, not missing a step in the middle.

You have, as always, one week. February 10th by noon EST.

Post your story at your blog or online somewhere, then drop a link to the comments so we can find it.

One story.

Seven acts.

Get writing.

39 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: One Small Story In Seven Acts”

  1. You’re killing me.
    I really want to do this one, but I have so much editing (unpaid night job) and writing (hopefully future full-time job) to do, not to mention my day job (soul-sucking nightmare).

    Gah. Who needs sleep.

  2. @Amy – I know the soul-sucking nightmare. But even when you step away from it there is still no sleep in the “future full-time job.”

    Adding this to the list of writing to finish before Feb. 10.

    Thanks Master Wendig for the regular boot to writing butt.


  3. The Getaway


    I thought this would be much more difficult than it ended up being. I seriously stressed over it for a couple hours until I realized that The Wonder Pets pretty much follows the same structure, more or less. And then I just needed a muse, which ended up being a conversation with my soul mate about robbing banks and stealing Chargers. And then, viola! Words danced and here it is 🙂

  4. Beware! The next attack on America may hit us all, with unexpected consequences, including…loooove (awww).



    Interestingly, to me, the “Failed Attempts” part was the longest and the most full of character development. Seems true to life…

    Thanks, C-Diddy. Been a while, and it was good to get that one out of my head. Though, it’s still a bit rough.

    And now that my brain-pan is clear, I’ll start reading y’all’s!


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