On The Subject Of “Compromise”

Dear Mister President,

Is that what I’m supposed to call you? Mister President? That seems redundant. Why don’t I just throw in “Doctor” at the fore and “Esquire” at the rear and just call you Doctor Mister President, Esquire? We could also staple on “Detective” and “Junior” if that would be an appropriate honorific?

Perhaps we could compromise? You seem to like this word. “Compromise.” In our compromise, I could call you “Mister President” in the way that you like, and you could, ohh, I dunno, manifest a pair of testicles and then show them to us all? That’s all I’m asking for. I would like to see your balls. Because, at present, I’m left to believe that all you’ve got between your legs is a scrotum that looks like a sad, deflated balloon. Or maybe you don’t even have that. Maybe you just have a second butthole down there.

A ragged pucker the Republicans chewed open.

But I know I’m not going to get that. I’m not going to get even 10% of what I asked for.

Thus, I’m not going to call it a compromise.

I think you misunderstand the word “compromise.”

Let me paint another scenario.

Some sort of monster — for shits and giggles, let’s say it’s some kind of orange-skinned weepy homunculus named “Boner” — has taken the village children hostage. We say to the monster, “Hey, Boner, please don’t eat our village children. As Whitney Houston clearly laid out in her song, the children are our future. And so, without children we are also without a future. Please tell us what you want not to eat the children, and we will give it to you. Otherwise, we will be forced to come in there and stab you in the face with some kind of chainsaw-broadsword hybrid which is awesome and will really hurt.”


And then he cries, because Boner cries a lot. I don’t know why. Probably because he’s an asshole. Or maybe he got self-tanner in his eyes and it really burns? Few can say.

We say again, “Please don’t eat the children or we’ll kill you. Tell us what you want to convince you not to eat the children. We are civilized villagers. We can compromise.”


We get the monster the bus full of strippers and cheeseburgers and he takes them and eats the children anyway. And then we say, “Thank the gods for such a glorious compromise.” And then we shake hands with the monster live on TV as he vomits up the bones of our young, and everybody has a good laugh.

See, I don’t think that’s a real good compromise.

Your definition may vary. In fact, it must vary. Because here it looks to me like the GOP made you swing so far right you make Ronald Reagan look like a stout Democrat. Because you ended up having to regurgitate their own plan back to them and still have them reject it. Because you ended up having to take a mouthful of Tea Party seed live on television with a big greasy goopy smile on your face.

To say the least, I’m a little disappointed.

You were full of all that Hopey-Changey stuff. And that was dangerous because what happened was, you got a lot of people high on the fumes of political possibility and then made sure to confirm that our dreams of moving forward, of attaining new progress and fresh potential in this country, were just that. Dreams. The higher you carried our hopes, the further they had to fall. That breeds cynicism of the highest order.

And hey, listen, I get it. Being the Detective Doctor El Presidente is no easy task. I get that you have to rule in ways that the common man doesn’t understand and that we’re an impatient gaggle of fuckheads. I also get that you have genuinely done a lot of good and I don’t want to be blind to that. But this latest acquiescence moves you from appearing “academic and even-handed” to appearing like Ned Beatty’s character in Deliverance. There you are, a man of the city, bent over a log and having a bunch of ignorant hillfolk plow you from behind, gobbing a stream of tobaccky spit on your back.

And that stream of spit? That’s what you’re calling a compromise. “Well, sure, we’re all getting porked up the baboon basket here, me and the whole country, but look what we got in return!”

Lubrication for an unasked-for rectal violation is not a compromise, Herr Doktor President.

Ultimately, I’m aware that something had to be done and perhaps your back was up against the wall. Then you need to tell us that. You need to be assertive and make clear that we as a nation voted in a bunch of GOP tea party fundamentalists who were willing to burn the house down to make a fucking point. You need to say to us that you’ll keep fighting the good fight. Because what you did in return was get slapped around and tell us that you liked it. That we should like it.

That we should be thankful for such a glorious compromise.

Can you even say that word with a straight face? Compromise?

I mean, hell, I like compromise. I’m all for a nation where the liberals get this, the conservatives get that. I believe that truth and justice usually live somewhere neatly in the middle.

But this? Really?

Can you really get behind a plan that fucks the poor and middle class and helps the richest of the rich? That slaps veterans and old people while giving a continued boost to oil companies?

(See also: “Wake Up, GOP: Smashing System Doesn’t Fix It.”)

Do we as a nation even really know what’s in this goddamn plan? We’re just learning that the EPA is going to get elbowed in the throat. Given that I just moved from a town that had epic levels of arsenic in the water, I’m not excited by the notion that not only will such levels be reasonable but nobody will be looking.

What else got tossed up on the altar of so-called compromise?

As a writer, I think it’s important we understand the definitions of the words we use. And, Dear Commander Lord President, sir, I suggest you find yourself a dictionary.

Anyway. What do you care? We’ll vote for you anyway because the only other choice comes out of a stable of fat-cats, dullards, and crazy people.

I hope you get a second term and use that term to reclaim the stuff you helped us to lose.

I also hope that one day you’ll just get sick of it, and you’ll get on TV and kick over the podium and speak to us like another enraged common man.

But, like I said, maybe we’re done with all that hope and change.

Maybe it’s time once again to settle into the deep mire of cynicism and accept that the plutarchy is well and duly upon us. It’s funny. I always chided my father for such cynicism. He had that attitude of “a little revolution is a good thing,” and stockpiled guns just in case we had to one day take our government back from the government, a government that had long forgotten the fear of its people. I always thought that was nuts, that anybody that held the notion of going up against F-14s with a Remington hunting rifle was not a healthy strategist. And yet, as I get older and I see the parade of puppets put before us in politics, I can see how cynicism erodes good sense and foments that feeling of, well, raging against the machine.

In those ashes, groups like the Tea Party are born. Anger and ignorance and cynicism.

Cynicism that I feel I’m giving into even with this post.

Who knows?

I sure don’t. I feel like I should sit down and apologize to my son. “Sorry, kiddo. Not sure what this place is going to be like for you when you’re an adult. Good luck, is all I’m saying.”

Maybe the Commodore Dauphin Obama will prove us wrong.

Or maybe he’ll just run us through the wringer of another “great compromise.”


  • Chuck Wendig’s sure got a purty mouth! (I say this because it’s one of the blogs out there that I read with what I think the writer actually sounds like. And I like what you have to say, here.)

    “I hope you get a second term and use that term to reclaim the stuff you helped us to lose.”

    There have been times I’ve been so pissed at him. I voted for him knowing he’d do some things I wasn’t fond of (like, oh…push to have an RIAA ass Solicitor General), but I still have hope. And when I REALLY think about it, I can’t be too mad at him…because he’s a reflection of America.

    We’re pussies!

    I remember my grandfathers, badass mofos who took a mortar round going into Okinawa and the other getting torn up all over Europe. Men I looked up to; men I wanted to be like. They later drove trucks and did tough shit to make ends meet. And they leaned to the left with pride.

    I remember reading Mike Royko columns in the Chicago Sun Times growing up. I reread a bunch of his columns not so long ago and much of what he wrote about would make some people on the left cringe because he wasn’t always the most politically correct guy out there.

    The writing of John Cheever and then, especially, John Irving made me want to write. Irving’s older and still willing to throw down with anyone who pisses on people who actually work for a living.

    I saw my dad threatened for even talking about trying to form a union where he once worked. Not something to force on everybody–just saying, “Hey, we’re being treated like shit by people who don’t know what we do on the floor of this shop. Anybody want to band together to say we won’t put up with this shit?”

    And now compromise means grabbing your ankles and taking it up the ass by people who will kick you down and keep fucking you. Hell, maybe they’ll even burn you with cigars ’cause they’re sick fucks who aren’t satisfied enough just by making you walk funny for half an hour when they’re done with you.

    I think the saddest thing is it’s a reflection of people no longer willing to fight. I heard so many friends and people I know say they wished the Dems and others would finally grow a pair. Then, when it looked like they might actually fight, the same people said, “We need to compromise.”

    We’ve sent a message to the people we elect that we’ll actually let the loud, stupid kid on the playground rule, and push intellect and courage to the side because we’re afraid of even looking in the direction of the very people beating the crap out of us beside the monkeybars.

    I’m kinda glad my grandfathers and dad aren’t around to see this…

  • Now this is what I call a rant.

    Hmmmm. I agree. You’re right. But I still believe Obama was and is the best we got.

    I wonder what does it say that I’m not too surprised or angry. I feel sort of, towards the American people, “Well what did you expect? Magic? Fairies that come in and sprinkle fairy dust over the U.S.A and all the corruption, greed and stupidity will be lifted overnight? That there would be no opposition to all those miracles that was promised?”

    For me, the thing that makes me support Obama more than his promises and that those promises be made, is the fact that he made those types of promises at all. Sure, it would be AWESOME if he went in and kicked down the podium and showed some real balls and demanded real, immediate, positive, sanity restoring, groundbreaking, life saving, change.

    It would be a glorious moment….you know, just before they assassinate him.

    I’m not even joking. People resist change. It’s not just the president’s fault. The source of the problem lies deeper.

    But that’s just my take on the whole mess.

  • Nice healthy rant you’ve got there. Though, I wonder how long the “Herr Doctor President” takes to be misconstrued as you calling him a nazi just because you used a German word….

  • It’s times like this when the immortal words of that great doctor of journalism ring true: “When the going gets weird, the weird go pro.” And these are truly weird times…

    I have “friends” who identify (or, perhaps more accurately, sympathize) with the conservative/ Tea Party movement who are oblivious to the fact that a big part of their agenda is cutting the very programs and services they will come to rely on as they age (or, heaven forbid, they get sick or injured). On the other side of the playground where the so-called Liberals and “Progressives” play kickball, read poetry, and fight for the “common man,” the sense of denial is equally noticeable for roughly the same reasons – their duly elected representatives say one thing to get elected, but do another once in office.

    Point is that we as a nation are confused, disillusioned, frustrated, and we don’t know what to do about it. Clear language from the pie-holes of politicians would be a good start, but clarity of action is what this country really needs.

    I, for one, would love to see our esteemed Jefe Supremo Comandante go on national television and deliver his version of the “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore,” speech. It would be interesting to see how the landscape might change the day after…

  • Yeah well. A gini coefficient is a fair measure of a country’s class-happiness. I can see the US get closer to revolution by the minute from over here.

  • What irks me the most is simple-minded approach of comparing the nation’s deficit and budget to household equivalents: a mortgage or a credit card. You don’t just stop paying your mortgage, the saying goes. If you run up a big enough credit card bill, you’ll run the risk of being denied further credit, they warn. The problem with the analogy is that nation-states are not households.

    At the level of the nation-state, the household rules don’t apply, both on a conceptual and a practical level. Who’s going to “foreclose” on the United States of America? What organization has the legal authority to do so? Is China going to sue us? In what court, exactly? Under what law? As long as we don’t *ahem* default, what can anyone who holds U.S. debt do?

    Stop buying our debt? Here’s where the practical side comes in. No one’s going to stop lending us money, because they’re lending us money so that we can buy the stuff they make. China’s export economy (for example) would nosedive if the U.S. wasn’t around to actually buy the stuff they make. So the Chinese lend us the money that keeps their own economy afloat. Same goes for the rest of the world. The U.S.A. is the great consumer of the world’s economic output. Would other countries pick up the slack if the U.S. stopped buying? Sure, but not fast enough to prevent major economic damage.

    Plus, this game has been played long enough that to stop feeding the U.S. money would wreck the economy of countries like Japan and China. Those countries holding U.S. debt value those debts as assets on their books. If the value of U.S. debt declines, those countries will take losses. Big losses. Just as the Tea Party “held a gun” to the heads of Americans this past month, the U.S. routinely holds a gun to the head of anyone who holds our debt.

    This screed is just to highlight how ignorant the Tea Party (and many other Americans) are about the realities of international monetary theory. I am the first to point out that my ignorance *barely* exceeds theirs. I’ve not studied this stuff with the proper rigor. But I think I know as much about this stuff as a sophisticated Congressman or Senator might (and more than the average Congressman or Senator) and the past month’s useless political theater has struck a deeply cynical chord with me.

    I hate to leave a Terribleminds comment on a dour note, so: burn all the pants, soak my balls in whiskey, sexy dance, and beard the fuck out.

  • Now THAT’s what I’m talking about! I was proud of my country the day Mr. Obama was elected. I shed tears of joy. But what is going on, people? How can this be okay? I thought we didn’t negotiate with terrorists?

    I hope he reads your post. I hope they all read it. They live in a different world from the rest of us. They need to come down to the planet they call home and find out what they’ve done to it.

  • The beginning of this one made me smile, because one of my dog’s names is “Doctor Professor Chester A. Arthur III, Emeritus, Esquire.” Sometimes I tack on a “DDS” to the end. Because it’s funny. He’s also called Rusty, Rustifarian (this is what our neighbor calls him), and Shitbrain (also what the neighbor calls him). He responds to all of them. ; -D

    I agree with your assessment and the disappointment you express about the “compromise” and this game-disguised-as-political-process that was very painfully played out on the national stage. But, as much as it sucks, “We the People” got the leadership we wanted. Which means we got the “leaders” we rightly deserved.

  • From ‘orange-skinned weepy homunculus named “Boner”’ to ‘As Whitney Houston clearly laid out in her song, the children are our future’ this post ruled. Totally salavaged a morning that began with burning coffee all over my car and hands. Thank you.

  • It’s pretty interesting to note that you can more or less take what Chuck here wrote and switch the names around, with how angry so many on the right are about the deal that was struck. All the talk show guys hate it, for sure. About the only outright positive coverage of it has been from the Wall Street Journal.

    The same goes for the ‘He’s so far to the right/left that wouldn’t be a member of anymore!’.

    I do my best to immerse myself in the full, swirling mass of political debate, though on top of informing myself, it’s really rather depressing all the way around. Honest, thoughtful discussion is really hard to come by, but that’s probably because it doesn’t matter what the voting public says or does, but what the politicians do one they’re elected. So that just encourages frustration, anger and rage-induced rants.

    If a compromise is something that everyone can hate, this sure seems to be it.

  • The Democratic party really needs to learn the meanings of two words.

    A settlement of differences by mutual concessions; an agreement reached by adjustment of conflicting or opposing claims, principles, etc., by reciprocal modification of demands.

    The second word is Assfuckery:
    What happens to you when you don’t understand the meaning of Compromise.

  • A bit more graphic and pointed than I would express (you usually are…that’s why I follow!), but my thoughts are there. It’s enough to make me walk away from the polls and never look back.

    Except I know the total devastation that would follow, having lived through it for the previous two terms :-/

    I agree with Amber, Obama can’t do it all, especially with a Tea Party/GOP Congress fighting him every step of the way, but I wish he’d do SOMETHING.


  • *sigh* I agree with every word, Chuck. I had a long comment typed out crying “What’s the point of it all?” but I’m not one for such dramatics. Hat tip to you, sir, for putting my frustration into words. Although, I agree with Amber Gardener, if Obama were to rage through the process and champion the people like a political Aslan, he’d make a lot of enemies from both the common people who don’t know any better and his political peers who do. Not to mention the Ice Queen. She’d be pissed, too.

  • When Rich and I watched his announcement Sunday night I was holding our new baby monitor in my hands. It seems to think it’s out of range frequently, like, when you turn your body, and it beeps.

    So every time Obama spoke something that was clearly an indication he’d been bent over a barrel I turned to Rich with my eyebrows up, and the monitor beeped.

    The humor of the drama added to his words by a BS Meter going off every few seconds was all that kept me from flipping out.

    We both want him to get angry. We both want him to be the man who says, “NO. This is unacceptable.” and shows the nation how he feels our frustration and our general anger over it all. We want him to be the “Buck Stops Here,” man that we thought we’d hired for this job.

    I think you might have something. IF he gets the second term he’ll be able to relax and concentrate on what NEEDS to be done rather than worrying about gaining that second term in the first place.

    That, ultimately, kind of sucks when you think about it.

  • Couldn’t agree more, Chuck.

    I don’t think was ever about the debt ceiling. This was about the tea party GOP trying to force Obama into invoking the 14th Amendment. Then the House smacks Obama with an impeachment. It matters little that the Senate would have acquitted him, it would have made it much more difficult for Obama to be re-elected.

    That the GOP would risk destroying the country in the hope of making Obama look bad is outrageous. In most western countries they is a word for that kind of behavior – treason.

  • I love this post. I’m applying Occam’s Razor to this issue. President Obama got this result because it’s what he truly thinks is the best deal he could get for America (and for his re-election). And if that’s true, then Hope and Change Obama was the Potempkin village erected quickly just to appease progressives and independents.

    That means we really only have ourselves to blame here. As an electorate we need to show more care in who we choose to govern us and greater effort informing others about the need for change. For example, look at the state of Florida, my home for the last 6 years. We elected a Tea Party Corporate Criminal (convicted, really!) to be our governor by less than 35,000 votes. Florida has a 500,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans. Approximately 300,000 register Democrats failed to vote in the last election. Do the math.

    We’re losing the propaganda war. In Florida, commercials paid for by the right-wing shout bold faced lies in frequent repetition on the theory that if you say it often enough it must be true. There is only silence from the left.

  • When I was a stupid teenager, I thought Anarchy in the streets would be better than what we had then. In my 20s I started to think that maybe I was being too cynical. Now, I look and see that we’re all fucked. It’s hard not to just throw in the towel and give over to apathy. It’s also hard not to walk right up to any member of the GOP and junk punch the asshole.

  • I wish my rage at this whole situation would subside long enough to coherently discuss this in a civilized fashion.

    But as it is it’s taking all my reserves just to keep from walking around with an axe handle beating the holy fuck out of Tea Party supporters, I think I’m going to have to refrain.

    And this seems to have blown through whatever remaining decorum I might have had.

    So if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go eat the eyeballs out of a Republican’s face and go bowling with his severed head.

  • My only problem with this post/letter, Chuck, is that you didn’t use a closing salutation.

    Maybe you could have ended with something like:

    May the Force Be With You,


  • Quick civics lesson kids: According to the Constitution, the Presidents role is to enforce the laws passed by Congress. He may suggest policy and even veto legislation (which can be overridden by 2/3 majority). The Pres. may have some arbitrary powers when it comes to defense, but that can be reigned in by Congress. So the old Enlightenment era parchment says.

    So all is talk of the President ‘doing something’ is pure nonsense. The powers you want to give to the president, he shouldn’t have anyway. You want an efficient executive, may I suggest the kind of leaders that leave a brown streak wherever they walk, men whose name reflexively causes people to spit afterward.

    With that said, Obama had the advantage of Justin Beiber in a Folsum Prison’s group shower.

    As for the other kind of nonsense, “I’m not voting in 2012 or I’m voting 3rd party.” That’s the kind of talk that created Darth Dubya.

    I want you all to contemplate on one word for one minute, President Bachmann. Ask yourself, are you so disenfranchised with Obama, that you’d let her into the White House? Are the 2 parties just two heads of the same plutocratic beast?

  • Hear hear Chuck.

    I kind of suspected the Democrats of being spineless way back in 2000 when they gave up the presidency to good ol George Dubya. This latest fiasco is just another in a long line of cave-ins that both parties call compromise but are actually curb stomping beat downs. It frustrates me to no end to see manufactured crises get so much attention when there’s so, so many other problems in the country that need addressing.

  • I’ve been getting the big green weenie as part of the working class for years now. Now part of the working poor, I think I resemble:

    “A ragged pucker the Republicans chewed open.”

    My only revenge is to make bad guys in my stories that resemble the likes of Buchanan and McConnell.

    And I’m with @Chad Kallauner:

    May the Force Be With You.


  • Anthony, the lesser of two evils is still evil. Obama forever lost my vote with this pussy move and the Democrats forever lost this Progressive, Liberal, Leftist, whateverthefuck. Neither party represents me; they only fight for the highest paying corporations and special interests. I refuse to buy into this two-party nonsense any more. Green Party, I am in you.

    Great post, Chuck. It had to be said.

  • Are you fucking kidding me? So our only choices are to give in to cynicism or to, in a hail of righteous fury, kick over the Republican/Tea Party sand castles? Jesus, no wonder we can’t get shit done anymore. We even expect our President to be angry for us.

    FUCK. THAT. You want the President to show some balls? I think he might be willing to do so if WE SHOW OURS FIRST. Civil disobedience! Involvement in local politics! Good old fashioned community solidarity and organization! Being VOCAL when this shit goes down, but except not shouting into the wind: shouting at town halls. Shouting at our Congressmen and Senators. Shouting at our journalists. Shouting at the people who we’ve let take our power away and GRABBING. IT. THE. FUCK. BACK.

    Apathy and cynicism is so fucking 90s my teeth hurt. Clinton’s teeth hurt. WHINY GOTH KIDS TEETH HURT. (But not the emo and hipsters, because they’re busy cutting teeth on albums we grew up on but somehow no one’s ever heard of.)

    I read an article recently that pointed out, essentially, that the reason Republicans and Tea Partiers have been kicking our asses all over the playground is because of something really important: they felt a sense of higher purpose that let them bond together as a community. They got emotional. That’s why the facts and figures don’t matter to them, and why us shouting facts and figures to support our reasons and causes don’t sound like anything but a fart in the wind to them.

    We had that in the 50s-70s with civil rights, women’s movements, anti-war protests, and so on. People got shit done because they banded together like that. And then we didn’t have it anymore, because our Moms and Dads incorrectly thought they were done with all that (we won, right?) and besides, Johnny or Moon Pie or Sunshine Apple could take up the banner where they left off if need be. And we TOTALLY dropped the ball. Dropped it so hard and fast you’d have thought it was a spent nuclear core rod dipped in flaking lead paint.

    If we want leadership, we’re the ones that need to flick the teabag nuts off our faces and regain dignity and sanity. It’s not someone else’s job, it’s fucking OURS. And I’m mostly pissed that I’ve only just now come to that realization.

  • @Elissa “If we want leadership, we’re the ones that need to flick the teabag nuts off our faces and regain dignity and sanity. It’s not someone else’s job, it’s fucking OURS. And I’m mostly pissed that I’ve only just now come to that realization.”

    100% agree.

  • Do you remember, way back in the fall of ’08, when the government rammed that lovely bailout bill down our throats? I do. It was in my innocent days, before I had a blog, so I guest posted on a friend’s blog about it.

    The gist of the article was doubling our debt was going to bite us. Hard.

    It turned out differently than I had imagined, though. Instead of being able to sell all that bad debt back to the taxpayers, the government backed themselves into a corner. Taxpayers couldn’t afford to buy it back because the economy didn’t recover (surprise, surprise). So they sold the debt to foreign holders and local rich folk and nearly defaulted instead.

    I voted third party in the last election (aka threw my vote down the latrine) because I didn’t like either candidate. And how sad is it that so many of us are forced to say, “I’ll vote for Obama again because he’s the best we’ve got.” Really? That’s the best our country can come up with?

    I would love to be able to take back our country and elect real leaders, like Elissa says. But where are they?

  • Thank you for ranting about this thing that’s been making me go into silent stabby rages for quite some time now. And thank you for making me laugh at it at the same time. Now I’m just sad, but that’s pretty much the state of the country, isn’t it? Sad, and arguing over raising debt ceilings, when that’s-omg-not-even-a-big-freakin’-deal-Reagan-did-it-what-is-everyone-smoking bullshit.

    Ugh. Now i’m mad again.

  • Okay. I’ve read the rant. And I’ve read all the comments. My hope–my dream–is that after I post this, y’all will still like me. Maybe it’s best that it’s been a few days, and people have moved on to newer posts. I’m asking politely, please don’t blacklist me.
    I’m a Republican.
    Actually, I’m a Libertarian. I’m fiscally conservative, and fairly liberal with (most) moral issues. But I’m a registered Republican because I’m an election judge, and you have to choose a party. I do my part.
    I’m also a Tea Party Member. Oh, yeah. I’m one of those. I’m about to tell you some basic truths:
    Liberals understand conservatives as much (or as little) as conservatives understand liberals. What we “know” about each other is mostly propaganda. Remember that.
    I was married for 19 years to a woman whose nickname she didn’t know I gave her was “The Storm”. A politician’s view of compromise is much like that of my ex-wife’s.
    I follow politics fairly closely. Enough to know that most people, including me, do not understand the debt ceiling issue.
    Things are complicated and intertwined. So much so that anything that happens can be blamed on either side, and anything positive can be taken credit for by either side. It’s how the game is played. Oh, and it is a game. And the people in power ON BOTH SIDES, are playing games with our lives, our livelihood, and our future. This is the one thing that the conspiracy nuts are right about.
    You can argue and debate about what and how the Founding Fathers believed about various issues, just like you can use scripture from the Bible to prove or disprove your pet projects. One of them–and I forget who; perhaps it was several–warned against a two-party system.
    You can see the mess it’s gotten us into. However, it is better than a one-party system. At least dissenting opinion has a voice, and for that we should be grateful.
    What’s going to happen? I don’t know. Anyone who says they know is full of shit–and therefore probably a politician. I fear that we will become China’s bitch. I don’t know if it will happen, but it’s some scary shit, man.
    Please…don’t try to argue with me, try to make me listen to you and your view of things because you are right and I am completely wrong. So far I still have the right to my opinion. I agree with most of you that right now we fucked. I disagree as to the cause. Whatever you point to, I can point to something else. My views have validity.
    And don’t turn your anger towards me. I came into this group full well knowing that most of you were left-wing commie pinko tree-hugging socialist hippies. I’m not judging. I know that in your view I’m a right-wing gun-toting Bible-thumping heartless militia corporate shill. I can accept that. We can agree to disagree. My best friend is a bleeding heart lib, and we have endless debates, and go over the line–but we are life-long friends.
    I cringe at the thought of talking about these things with acquaintances. No one knows where the line is.
    Just know that it’s better to be the Teabagger than the Teabaggee. Peace out.

  • Chuck, I think you are confusing things.

    Barack Obama has been all about CENTERING issues from day one in the IL government.

    Really, anyone with half a brain can see that the things he supports are not necessarily the one he believes in. This dude wants to make a workable idea. If stufff he doesn’t supports shows up later, fube. The point is to make the bill into a law, then do surgery until it’s right.

    • @Chad —

      I generally like Obama.

      And I agree with what you just said — if you apply it to his moves with Health Care.

      But this wasn’t that. It was a failure on a number of levels, and it was sold to us with a shrug.

      — c.

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