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  • Alex Adams: The Terribleminds Interview

    As I noted yesterday, Alex Adams wrote the book White Horse, which I loved so much I don’t even have much rational thought to give it. I also note in that post that the book is in many ways a spiritual cousin to my own novel, Blackbirds, and frankly, it’s superior to mine in nearly […]

  • Meg Gardiner: The Terribleminds Interview

    suspect you already know Meg Gardiner. Or, at least, have read her crimey thrillers starring her lead characters Evan Delaney or Jo Beckett. In fact, she’s got a new book out in a couple weeks — RANSOM RIVER — that’s a standalone, and it’ll grab you by the short-and-curlies.

  • Seeking Interviewees For The Thursday Interviewpalooza

    I’ve got a few more interviews coming up — the guys behind So You Created A Wormhole, Ann LeMay, comedian Dylan Brody, plus all the questions you crazy kids sent in to me — but just the same, it’s time again that I start fishing for new interview subjects. If you know of someone or are someone…

  • Dana Fredsti: The Terribleminds Interview

    You don’t turn down an interview with an author when part of their bio includes things like “zombie aficionado,” “swordfighter,” or “B-movie actress who worked on Army of Darkness.” You just don’t. So please meet Dana Fredsti, author of the ass-kicking zombipocalypse novel, Plague Town.

  • Ask Me Anything

    Here’s the deal. I figure, I’ll offer my own neck on the interview chopping block here. You’re free to ask me anything you want. Pop the question (er, not the marriage question, put that ring away), and drop it into the comments below. I’ll pick my favorites and will compile and answer. Ask me about writing, personal life, this site, my books, pop culture, whatever crosses your terrible minds.

  • Delilah S. Dawson: The Terribleminds Interview

    Delilah Dawson has the ‘d’s down pat — delightful, delirious, and dazzling when it comes to this here author interview. Hard not to love her take on how she deals with rejection, below. Behold her novel, Wicked As They Come, now available. Find her at her website — delilahwrites.blogspot.com — and track her down on the Twittertubes (@DelilahSDawson).