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  • 25 Reasons You Should Quit Writing

    Time for my annual, “Nope, you shouldn’t be writing, quit now, run away, go on, shoo” post. This time, in the form of the “25 things” lists that all you crazy cats and kittens seem to love so much. 1. It’s Really Hard OMG YOU GUYS. Writing? It’s hard. It’s like, you have to sit […]

  • 25 Ways To Earn Your Audience

    I keep noodling on the idea of how you earn — not build, necessarily, but earn — your audience as a creative type. I’m not sure I have all (or any of) the answers, but here’s a good shot at it. Note that this list isn’t meant to be a bunch of checkboxes — you don’t need to do all of these (or even any of them, beyond the first). It’s just meant to offer thoughts and options.

  • 25 Things Writers Should Know About Creating Mystery

    A good story traps us in the moment and compels us by its incompleteness. The equation then becomes X + 5 = 9, and we are driven to solve for X. It is the X that haunts us. It is the emptiness of that variable we hope to fill. Like with the Matrix, we are driven by the question.

  • 25 Realizations Writers Need To Have

    Media companies will rise and fall. Technologies come and go. The story remains constant. More to the point, our need for stories remain constant. Storytellers and writers aren’t going anywhere. They may need to bend with the wind. They may need to find new ways to thrive. But they — we — will always have a place. The audience will be there. We just have to find them.

  • 25 Things I Learned While Writing Blackbirds

    The day has come. Blackbirds hits shelves — online and off — today. I feel like a great big hand has reached into my chest and pulled something out of me. In a good way. Like, “Oh, hey, those chest pains you were feeling? Your keys were lodged in your aorta.” *jingle jingle* So, let’s […]

  • 25 Things You Should Know About Transmedia Storytelling

    Let’s get this out of the way, now — this, like many/most of my other lists, could easily be called “25 Things I Think About Transmedia.” It does not attempt to purport concrete truths but rather, the things I believe about the subject at hand.