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  • 25 Things You Should Know About Writing A Novel

    I thought, okay, maybe it’s time for a list of “25 Things” to do with writing a novel. Specifically. The other lists apply, of course — plot, character, storytelling — but this one about the mechanical act of smacking your face again and again into the meaty thighs of a novel.

  • 25 Things You Should Know About Plot

    Time again for another iteration of the Terribleminds “25 Things” series — this time, a whopper of a list focusing on plot and all the fiddly bits, warts, pimples, blisters, skin tags, and syphilitic nobbins. What is a “nobbin?” Hell, I don’t know. Just click the link and read, will you?

  • 25 Things You Should Know About Character

    It’s time once again to continue my series of writing advice posts — the “25 Things” collection. This time, I’m taking a look at the nature of writing good, even great, characters. This post could alternately be titled, “Things I Believe About Writing Kick-Ass Characters.”

  • 25 Things You Should Know About Storytelling

    Outside the air we breathe and the blood in our bodies, the one thing that connects us modern humans today with the shamans and emperors and serfs and alien astronauts of our past is a heritage — a lineage — of stories. Stories move the world at the same time they explain our place in it. They help us understand ourselves and those near to us.

  • 25 Things Every Writer Should Know

    An alternate title for this post might be, “Things I Think About Writing,” which is to say, these are random beliefs I hold about what it takes to be a writer. I hesitate to say that any of this is exactly Zen, but it certainly favors a sharper, shorter style than the blathering wordsplosions I tend to rely on in my day-to-day writing posts.