Author: terribleminds

  • Hey, Writerface: Don’t Be A Dick (But Still Have Opinions)

    I have occasionally seen sentiment that suggests writers should be little church mice, little peeping cheeping baby birds who shouldn’t ruffle any feathers with talk of politics or religion or publishing or any of that. I call shenanigans on that.

  • From Bile To Buttercream: How A Writer Makes Use Of Rejection

    Rejection is a default state for the writer. And so it falls to you to make use from it. Make hay from your failures. Build sculptures from your wreckage. Compost your garbage and let it grow new things. It’s time to find truth in rejection. Find a way to make it useful, energizing, empowering.

  • Minecraft Jacks An 8-Bit Pick-Ax Into Your Brain

    This, then, is Minecraft. Imagine a game where you build with LEGO. You have 13 minutes to do so. You’d damn well better spend that time building a shelter. Because at the end of those 13 minutes? Night comes. And when night comes, so do the monsters.

  • Anatomy Of A Flying Cat: An Irregular Creatures Update

    Sales-wise, I continue to be happy with the overall reports. As noted, I achieved profitability in the middle of the first day, and from that point haven’t looked back. Which is just an expression because clearly, I’m looking back with both vigor and scrutiny.

  • Of Turtle Shots And Zodiac Signs

    Went to the Obi-Gyn Kenobi’s office yesterday to learn which particular brand of bait-and-tackle our upcoming child would possess. Boy parts? Girl unit? Some squirming squid-like mish-mash, some Cthulhu’s beard of uncertainty lined with stinging nematocysts?

  • And Now, I Give Thee: Pandemic 41.410806, -75.654259

    Sundance has been very kind to our little film and given it lots of great attention. Not only is it a big part of this year’s Sundance 2011 app, but now it’s online at the Sundance screening room. I’ve embedded it here for ease, but I encourage you to check out the screening room for other gems of cinematic goodness.