Author: terribleminds

  • Monsters Are In Charge, And Nobody Is Coming To Save Us

    This is not going to be a helpful post, a healthy post, a post of solutions and fixes, a post that makes sense of anything, that catalyzes what we’re all going through, that attempts to be optimistic or do anything at all to understand the pervasive miasma of trauma we are all standing in and […]

  • Jeff Macfee: Five Things I Learned Writing Nine Tenths

    I’m a new writer who’s not a new writer.  What I mean is, I’ve been writing a looong time and only now do I have a debut novel. Experience (or age) doesn’t make me unique in any sense, but it adds a certain perspective to this whole ride. My expectations are…lower? Don’t get me wrong, […]

  • In Which I Gesticulate Wildly At You For A Variety Of Reasons

    Why yes, it is time for one of those shotgun-blast slapdash news-updates. I have more, um, cogent bloggery in mind, but I am currently under *does a quick count* the yoke of FOUR DIFFERENT PROJECTS right now, and am a little bit *eye twitches* overburdened. (To explain, the four projects are: first draft of the […]

  • Dan Koboldt: Fact, Fantasy, and What Lies In Between

    There are a lot of rules for writing. One that I hear fairly often is write what you know. That’s fine if you’re writing adult contemporary about a penniless author. It’s less useful if your characters spend their days riding horses, practicing witchcraft, or getting into knife fights. I’m talking about fantasy, the genre where […]

  • Alma Katsu: How To Research Your (Historical) Novel

    I came to novel writing after decades working as an intelligence analyst. This means I had tons of experience as a researcher because that’s basically what intelligence analysis is: a research project where, at the end, you brief the President  of the United States on your findings. No pressure. As an intelligence analyst, you’re given […]

  • We Have To Talk About Twitter

    Twitter fucking sucks. It has for a while, and it doesn’t suck entirely, all the time, in every direction, but in a general miasma-sort of way, it definitely fucking sucks. Elon Musk happens to agree that it fucking sucks, and so he wants to buy it. Only problem is, he and I do not agree […]