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Portugal: In Visual

I’ll do a more proper trip report at some point, but suffice to say: Portugal is beautiful. Labyrinthine cities brushed with a soft, uninsisting decay — turn down any street and you will be met with a place you want to stand still and remain for a time, just taking it all in. And the street art? It’s everywhere. Everywhere. All the time, around every corner, and it’s glorious.

Loved every minute of it. The people are friendly, the food is astonishing, the pasteis de nata (egg custard tarts) are something my body now craves as much as it craves oxygen, justice, and touch. It’s great. I loved it. I wanna go back immediately, but in the meantime, I’m here in America where everything is definitely going fine and not at all badly hahaha aahahaha AAAHHH

Anyway! Here are a buncha photos. I took a lot. Like, a lot a lot. About 8000, half of which I marked as favorites.

This post will not contain 4000 photos.

It will, in fact, contain only 20.

If you like ’em, I may go ahead and post more as I process them slowly but surely. (And before anyone asks, these cover four places in the country: Lagos, in the Algarve; Lisbon and Sintra; and Porto, in the north.)

Please to feast with your eyeballs.