Apple-Obsessed Author Fella

Announcing: Monster Movie!


(The exclamation point is important.)

Anyway, hey! I’m writing more middle grade! And it’s coming out next fall! Exclamation points ahoy! Thanks to my agent, Stacia Decker for brokering the deal with Deirdre Jones at LBYR, I’m excited to have this out in front of readers young and old. It’s the story of a boy who is frightened to go see what he’s heard is “the scariest movie ever made,” even though his whole class is sneaking out to watch it — and it turns out, he has good reason to worry, because the movie is the monster.

No pre-order link available, and cover won’t be out for a while — er, honestly, I still have to finish up the book.

I’m also currently finishing page proofs for Black River Orchard, but the ARCs of that have started to go out and I think are appearing digitally on NetGalley, so that’s nice. It’s a big scary book about evil apples taking over a small town, and hopefully people dig that, too.

That’s out 9/26, and you can pre-order in all the places you’re able to, and you can be sure I’ll do signed copies through Doylestown Bookshop.

Also out (even sooner!) is Gentle Writing Advice, also available through Doylestown if you want me to SCANDALIZE your book with my HERETICAL YET ENTICING SCRAWL. I mean, I can also be encouraging, I guess. Pssh.

ANYWAY, them’s the news. Gotta get back to the word mines. Bye.