Montana Book Company Is Fighting The Good Fight On Trans Visibility Day (And Every Day)

Hey, so here’s a cool thing: Montana Book Company, a truly excellent bookstore in the heart of every LGBT-centered fight in the state of Montana, is marking today’s Trans Day of Visibility by donating a portion of today’s profits into a pot to continue the fight against discrimination in their state.

To quote the store directly —

“…during these legislative tough times we’re going to do what we do best…GIVE MONEY AWAY!!! A portion of Friday’s entire day of sales will go into a kitty that we will dole out to the appropriate organizations who take these anti-trans bills to court here in Montana. So come down and help us help the amazing people who are going to take these terrible laws on.”

Will they ship? They sure will.

Check them out here and please order something.

Do preorders count? WHY YES THEY DO. And here I casually note that you can preorder my upcoming books from them, should you so choose —


Might I also recommend buying books from Hailey Piper, Cassandra Khaw, Eric LaRocca, Charlie Jane Anders, Jadzia Axelrod, Mags Visaggio, Caitlin Kiernan?

Also give the store a follow over on Instagram.

TERFs can walk into the sea.

Support and love your trans friends and the trans community.

Donate to trans and LGBT charities. (Trans Lifeline, Trevor Project, Transgender Law Center, for example.)

Protect trans kids, and while we’re at it, protect trans adults, too, k?

7 responses to “Montana Book Company Is Fighting The Good Fight On Trans Visibility Day (And Every Day)”

  1. As a nonbinary person living in a (relatively) safe place (for now) – GO Montana Book Company!!!! My trans siblings deserve love, safety, and equality. Thanks for boosting, Chuck!

  2. Thanks for boosting this. And for boosting that today is Trans Visibility Day—something I should have known and didn’t. As the parent of a trans daughter, I’m very upset by the current legislative trend.

  3. Ok, I just saw this…Chuck this was an incredibly gracious thing to do with your platform. I can’t thank you enough. We are calculating sales (still getting them as of 9:30 pm) and I’ll shoot you a message on insta with the final tally. What I do know, HUGE DAY! Like Christmas week sales kinda party. The coast to coast community came out big and it gave me all the feels in my normally jaded, apocalypse loving heart.
    To anyone seeing this who purchased from us, you’re amazing.

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