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Black River Orchard Preorder Deal Plus Other Sundry Shenanigans

Right now, the lovely Gibson’s Bookstore is running a pre-order sale on books — which means you can in fact get BLACK RIVER ORCHARD from them at 25% off. Which you should do. Because otherwise you will make the apples MAD.


Click here to pre-order. They will send directly to you! It’s like magic! BOOK MAGIC. And the goal too is to do an event at Gibson’s for this book in the fall, by the way. No dates or anything concrete as yet, so more as I know it.


Hey, who’s going to be talking with Lucy Snyder at Doylestown Bookshop on Monday, March 13th? It’s-a-me. We’ll be talking her newest, Sister Maiden Monster, out from Tor. Event details here.

(Also, though it’s not confirmed, I maaaaayyyyy also be doing an event there with Clay McLeod Chapman in June. More as I know it.)

And did you see the cool panel I did with P. Djeli Clark, Delilah Dawson, CJ Leede, and Jonathan Sims? Moderated by our collective Horror Mother, Sadie Hartmann? Go watch!

Finally, hey, the Italian-language edition of Wanderers is out, cover here: