Reminder: B&N Bethlehem, This Weekend

That’s the news, hoopy froods — a reminder that my rescheduled B&N Easton/Bethlehem appearance is this very weekend.

I’ll be at B&N in what they call Bethlehem but I think is kinda sorta Easton — it’s this store right here.

I’ll be there at 1pm!

I’ll sign books!

I’ll talk!

I’ll dance!

I won’t dance!

It’ll be great!

2 responses to “Reminder: B&N Bethlehem, This Weekend”

  1. Hi. I have never been to an event such as this, and i am not really sure what to expect? Do i just like show up and wait on line somewhere? Is there any sort of registration type of thing? The Barnes and Noble site provides a nice description of Wayward (which was of course fantastic), but not much else. I know this might be partially off topic, but The Book of Accidents is the only book that my youngest son, who is 12 years old and autistic, has ever let me read to him to the end. Usually, he loses interest roughly a quarter of the way though a novel. Not even the likes of Harry Potter would hold his attention for more than a few chapters. Reading that book to him was really special for me, and I just wanted to stop in and thank you for that in person. And i guess i’m hoping there are copies of that for sale there for autographing purposes? I don’t know why i’m sort of embarrassed to say it, but we read it on kindle (it’s just so… portable, you know?). Well, hope to see you there. Wherever that is.

    • Oh that’s really cool to hear about your son.

      So, the event when it starts, I’ll say some stuff and then people can ask questions and then I’ll sign books — while I’ll sign books people bring, it is intended to also sell books, so yup, there should be books there to buy!

      Hope to see you there, Jeff, thanks!

      — Chuck

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