Hey Holy Crap I Have Some Good News

So, the monthly bestseller list for Middle Grade Paperbacks landed aaaaand, to my genuine shock, Dust & Grim is a New York Times Bestseller? It hit #10 on that list and — I mean, wow, whoa, what? What?? Obviously a lot of you bought the book and that’s amazing, and now here we are? I’m floored. Thank you, all, and thanks to B&N for making this book the October Monthly Pick. Thanks to my agent, Stacia Decker, and also to to my editor, Deirdre Jones, who helped make this book as weird and scary and funny as it could be. FLORG BLESS.

In other news:

Tomorrow, 3pm, I’ll be at Doylestown Bookshop at a pre-launch for the Wanderers sequel, Wayward. If you’re in the tristate area, I sure hope you come by. Event deets here. I signed a bunch there, too, for shipping pre-orders — you can see the epic stacks over at my Instagram.

And next week I will be on a tour through parts of the south! Going from Atlanta to Asheville to Charlotte to Richmond to Alexandria, then home before hitting up a few more Pennsylvania dates. All the details are here.

A reminder too that if you want a signed, personalized copy shipped to you, right now Malaprops has a special order form for exactly that purpose right here.

You will find me here at the Boston Globe talking about BOOKS I DONE LIKED and about how reading horror fiction brings me comfort.

Some places included Wayward in their NOVEMBER BOOKS coverage: Yahoo, Book Riot, tor.com.

Gonna be on some cool podcasts coming up — Dead Headspace, Terrifying Tomes, and some others. More when I have the links.

Twitter appears to now be violently diarrheaing the bed, so you can find me at the Instagram link above, or at Mastodon, which is still a thing. Maybe I’ll go back to Tumblr or start an OnlyFans page. One never knows.

Meanwhile, here are some nice things people have said about Wayward recently:

20 responses to “Hey Holy Crap I Have Some Good News”

  1. Question for ya! Do you happen to know if the Richmond event is *at* Fountain? The event page they put up mentioned a restaurant at a different address and we wanna make sure to show up to the right place at the right time! I reached out to Fountain as well (yet to hear back), just figured I’d see if you knew as well.
    Also hellyeah NYT top 10!

  2. Congrats Chuck! Have good tours and maybe come to us in Colorado sometime? Hey the Wanderers ended up here, right? Also loved your leafblower rant!

  3. Hey Chuck,
    Reading ‘Damn Fine Story’, and after reading your intro about your father, it seems they are twins separated at birth.
    My father also lost his pinkie fixing his car (got pulled into the fan belt). Before leaving for the hospital, he took the time to shut all the windows in case it rains, so it doesn’t damage the wooden window frame. He didn’t call the ambulance for the fear of being taken out on a gurney ‘like a girl’.
    Just like your father, mine also mistrusts the medical establishment, and he was outraged at the bill for the pinkie amputation.
    Later driven by the same outrage at healthcare costs, he wired his own wobbly teeth with flat copper wire – an outcome he prided himself on that he didn’t let ‘the man’ empty his wallet. Teeth wired for 4 months until he went back home to the old country where prices are reasonable.
    I have more ‘my dad is so cheap’ stories, but so do you, I bet.
    I am enjoying this book and your humorous writing style, and wanted to thank you for writing a fun ‘how to’ book on writing that’s infused with anecdotes and f*bombs in equal measure.

  4. I deactivated my Twitter and went back to my Tumblr account which is as weird and delightful as I remember! Come back!

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