A Shimmery Sprinkling Of News Glitter Raining Upon Your Tender Head



So some quick updates, right here–

First up, this is the last week for the Dust & Grim October monthly pick promo at Barnes & Noble. Go online or head to a store and nab a paperback copy for just $6.99, where there’s also a buy-one-get-another-at-50% off deal going. Thanks to all who have picked up the book. I hope you enjoy it! Or, at the very least, that you enjoy FLORG. Everyone seems to like FLORG. FLORG 4 EVA.

Second, if you saw my tour dates (right here), you’ll note I’m going to Malaprops in Asheville, NC. And you can now use their pre-order page to pre-order signed and personalized copies through them, and they’ll ship right to you (or you can, y’know, go to the event). Note too that this includes backlist titles of mine, as well. I have never been to the store and am super excited to have an event there. It’s also been way waaaaaay too long since I’ve been to Asheville, honestly. I hear there are good cocktails there? Mmmm.

Third, hey, my new writing book has a COVER — ! Huzzah and hooray and yippie-ki-yay. GENTLE WRITING ADVICE comes out June 2023. The cover copy for the book, first:

Finally–a book of writing advice that accounts for all of the messy, perverse, practical, and inexplicable parts of being a human who writes

The truth is that all of the “writing rules” you’ve learned are bullshit. Sure, they work for some people, but the likelihood that they’ll work for you–unique butterfly of a person that you are–is slim. 
That doesn’t mean you’re out of luck! There is meaningful advice to be had in the writing world, and Chuck Wendig is here to deliver it. In this hilarious guide, Wendig will help you discover more about yourself as a writer, parse through your quirks and foibles, and help you figure out the best way for you to get words on the page–without destroying yourself along the way.
With behind-the-scenes stories of Wendig’s own writing struggles, sections on debunking popular advice, self-care tips, and more footnotes than are strictly necessary (or legally recommended by scientists), Gentle Writing Advice will give the unvarnished truth about the writing process and remind you of what’s actually important–taking care of the writer. (That’s you, by the way.)

And then, the cover!

It features a soul-bird bursting free from your head-cage! Which is a metaphor for writing! Probably! I don’t know!

Uhhh, what else?


Wayward made the list of Most Anticipated Horror for the rest of 2022.

The Book of Accidents lands on a list of the 53 Best Horror Books of All Time, at Men’s Health, alongside some legends and heavy-hitters, and I’m honored.

I think that’s it!

More as I have it!


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  1. Having read the description for Gentle Writing Advice, it’s probably just as well that I never got the chance to read your previous writing books. I purchased 3 of them in e-book format, and they all reside now on a hacked laptop in formats which I doubt I’ll ever figure out how to get onto my Kindle. GWA sounds like the book on writing by you that I actually need to read. I guess it all worked out. Looking forward to the release — and I’ll likely get this one in hard copy. 🙂

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